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Simon Fattal and David Pourquery

Forward-looking conversations with today's most inspiring thoughtRead more
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Best Episodes

#015: The Man Behind What Bitcoin Did - Peter McCormack

Jan 24, 2021

" BTC vs ETH We have a winner! 🏆 "




Peter McCormack is the host of What Bitcoin Did, a podcast he started back in 2017 which has gone on to become one of the most listened to podcasts across the crypto, business and investment space. Through this, he's had conversations with some of the industry’s most influential minds, such as theRead more

#001: Machine Learning Powered Medicinal Chemistry - Aaron Morris

Aug 17, 2020

"The importance of disrupting yourself 🤯"




PostEra - disruptive machine learning applications for drugRead more

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#017: The Human of Tomorrow - Zoltan Istvan

Feb 7, 2021

"Podcasting via our brains by 2030? 🤖"




Zoltan is a journalist, futurist, author and leader of the Transhumanist Movement, which believes humans can use technology to transcend our current physical and mental limitations. Having graduated from the University of Columbia with a degree in Philosophy and Religious Studies, Zoltan is anRead more

#016: Tackling Disease with Smart Protein Drugs - Doug Chapnick

Jan 31, 2021

"An episode for all you science buffs out there 🧫🔬⚗️🧬🧪🥼"




Doug obtained a PhD from University of Colorado Boulder in Biochemistry, and he is now the founder of BioLoomics, a synthetic biology startup with the aim of accelerating protein drug discovery through biosensor arrays and discovery partnerships. Taking a novel approach, BioLoomics aims to improveRead more

#013: Building Your Dream Home in One-Click - Nick Donahue

Jan 8, 2021

"Building the home of your dreams 🔨🏠"




Nick Donahue is the co-founder and CEO of Atmos, a Summer 2020 YC-backed company that provides an all in one platform to build the home of your dreams. With the aim of making building a house a one-click effort, Atmos intends to massively simplify the way homes are built, and in the processRead more

#018: The Community for Female Founders - Michelle Kwok

Feb 14, 2021

"Female Founders: Assemble! 📣 "




Michelle is the CEO and co-founder of FLIK, a community dedicated to connecting and empowering driven women at all stages of the female founder pipeline through meaningful apprenticeships, helping founders to scale their businesses. Founded just one year ago, FLIK has already facilitatedRead more

#008: Empowering the Modern Workforce - Gabriela Hersham

Nov 15, 2020

"What they don’t tell you about being a female CEO 👩‍💼"




Gaby Hersham is the CEO and Co-Founder of Huckletree, a unique co-working space which brings together a diverse community of startups, innovators and entrepreneurs - all powered by a shared belief in collaboration as a key business principle. With multiple offices in London, Manchester and Dublin,Read more

#020: How to Navigate the Working World - Alexandra Levit

Feb 28, 2021

" What is stopping the younger generation from socialising? 📲 "



Alexandra Levit is a best-selling author, Fortune 500 consultant, and a global futurist. Her main goal is to prepare organisations and their employees to be competitive and marketable in the future business world. Alexandra has authored several books, including international bestseller They Don'tRead more

#012: Your Digital Immunity Passport - Gabriella Hakim

Dec 29, 2020

"The solution to managing Covid vaccinations? 👀💉 "




Gabi is the CEO and co-founder of VacTrack, a free digital health app which manages all aspects of you or your family's immunity. The app allows you to store records of your past vaccines, get reminded about future vaccines, and even gives you the ability to book vaccines directly from your phone -Read more

#002: Cyber Education - Ashu Savani & Ben Spring

Aug 26, 2020

"Scaling your product through your community 🙋🏽‍♂️🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏻 "



TryHackMe - training the next generation of onlineRead more
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