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1 in 4 women have experienced miscarriage, and yet the loss of life in the womb can be a particularly lonely grief. On the Held Podcast, we'll hear from friends who have been there. They'll help us think biblically and practically about the struggles and temptations that accompany this type of loss.

Popular episodes

Ep. 010 | Developing a Theology of Suffering with Abigail Dodds

Oct 7 • 43:46

In this episode of the Held Podcast, I chatted with Abigail Dodds about the importance of developing a theology of suffering. We talked about what a theology of suffering is, how to develop one, and walked through some common thoughts and reactions to miscarriage that cause us to doubt God’s goodness in the face of our suffering. What we believe about God shapes our experi...

Ep. 009 | Receiving Help and Service with Irene Sun

Sep 23 • 44:43

In this episode of the Held Podcast, I chatted with Irene Sun about help and service in the wake of pregnancy loss. We talked about everything from why it is sometimes difficult to ask for or receive help, to what we should do when the attempts of others to help actually end up hurting us, to where we can go when we feel like no one is offering to help us. Whether you’re w...

Ep. 008 | Pregnancy After Loss with Courtney Reissig

Sep 2 • 37:45

In this episode of the Held Podcast, I chatted with Courtney Reissig about pregnancy after loss. We talked about common struggles and temptations that women face in pregnancy after loss including fear, anxiety, cynicism, blind optimism, triggered grief, and feeling guilt over not enjoying the very thing they’ve hoped for. I hope it this episode will encourage you to run to...

Ep. 007 | Thinking and Praying through "Trying" After Loss with Gretchen Saffles

Aug 26 • 38:44

In this episode of the Held Podcast, I chatted with Gretchen Saffles about thinking and praying through “trying” after loss. We talked through some general struggles and specific scenerios that may confront a woman as she considers when to “try” or whether or not she and her husband should “try” at all after miscarriage. Gretchen shared her own experience thinking through ...

To Tell or Not to Tell with Kristen Wetherell

Aug 19 • 38:13

In this episode of the Held Podcast, I chatted with Kristen Wetherell about making the decision to share or not to share about your miscarraige, or how publicly to share if you choose to do so. Kristen and I made really different choices in this area. We talked about everything from reasons people choose not to share, to the benefits of sharing with a choice few or more pu...

Ep. 005 | Degrees of Grief with Jessalyn Hutto

Aug 12 • 36:36

In this episode of the Held Podcast, I chatted with Jessalyn Hutto about the way we relate to one another based on how long we carried the babies that we lost. Drawing from her own experience with both an early and a later gestational loss, Jessalyn explored the differences and similarities between those two experiences and the numerous other factors that impact the way we...

Responding to Hurtful Words with Trillia Newbell

Aug 5 • 40:29

In this episode, I chatted with Trillia Newbell about how we can respond biblically to hurtful comments in the wake of loss (both inwardly and outwardly). We talked about why well intended comments are often so painful, and talked about responses like assuming the best, walking away, and even offering a strong rebuke to uphold God’s truth and protect the next woman. Trilli...

Guilt, Grief, and Gratitude with Lauren Washer

Jul 29 • 38:57

In this episode, I chatted with my friend Lauren Washer about the complicated interaction between grief, guilt and gratitude. Lauren is well acquainted with grief of many kinds shared with candor about her grief over her miscarriages, the tragic unsolved murder of her brother, and a difficult diagnosis for one of her children at birth. We talked about the temptation to fee...

Holistic Healing with Jessica McDaniel, LPC

Jul 22 • 40:05

In this episode, I chatted with licensed counselor Jessica McDaniel about the interplay between body, mind, and emotions when healing from pregnancy loss. We talked about everything from how the experience of our body impacts our grief, to the way that the body of Jesus displayed his grief, to how to know if you should seek professional help to facilitate healthy healing. ...

An Introduction to the Held Podcast | Ep. 001

Jul 17 • 09:46

In this introductory 10 minute episode, Abbey Wedgeworth introduces herself, briefly shares her own experience with pregnancy loss, chats a bit about the Held book, and tells you what you can expect to find within these episodes....

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