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Hear This Idea is a podcast showcasing new thinking in philosophy, the social sciences, and effective altruism. Each episode has an accompanying write-up at

Popular episodes

39. Keith Frankish on Illusionism about Consciousness

Nov 22 • 00:00

Keith Frankish is a philosopher of mind. He is an Honorary Reader at the University of Sheffield, UK, Visiting Research Fellow with The Open University, and adjunct Professor with the Brain and Mind Programme at the University of Crete....

38. Christoph Winter on the Legal Priorities Project

Oct 18 • 01:20:17

Christoph Winter is an Assistant Professor of Law at ITAM in Mexico, a Visiting Scholar in Psychology at Harvard, and the founder of the Legal Priorities Project...

37. Gillian Hadfield on Regulatory Markets, Silly Rules, and why Humans Invented Law

Sep 27 • 01:49:46

Gillian Hadfield) is Director of the Schwartz Reisman Institute for Technology and Society. She is a Professor of Law and Professor of Strategic Management at the University of Toronto....

36. Bryan Caplan on Causes of Poverty and the Case for Open Borders

Sep 10 • 01:34:02

35. Ben Todd on Choosing a Career and Defining Longtermism

Aug 23 • 00:00

Ben Todd is the CEO & founder of 80,000 Hours, and helped to start the effective altruism movement....

34. Anders Sandberg on the Fermi Paradox, Transhumanism, and so much more

Aug 2 • 02:33:18

Anders Sandberg is a researcher, futurist, transhumanist and author. He holds a PhD in computational neuroscience from Stockholm University, and is currently a Senior Research Fellow at the Future of Humanity Institute at the University of Oxford. His research covers the ethics of human enhancement, estimating the capabilities of future technologies, and very long-range fu...

33. Jeffrey Sachs on Sustainable Development

Jul 19 • 58:31

Professor Jeffrey Sachs is the Director of the Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University, President of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network, and author of many bestselling books....

32. Matt Ives on Solar Power and Experience Curves

Jun 28 • 01:02:36

Matt Ives is a Senior Research Associate in Complex Systems Economic Modelling at the University of Oxford. We discuss the reasons behind the astonishing decline in costs of renewable technologies, especially solar power, and the implications this has for fighting climate change. We also touch on modelling energy systems, financial discolour of climate/transition risks, an...

31. Armond Cohen on Climate Change and the Clean Air Task Force

Jun 14 • 01:41:41

Armond Cohen is the executive director of the Clean Air Task Force. CATF has been rated as the most cost-effective climate change charity, including by organisations such as Founder's Pledge, SoGive, and Giving Green....

30. Isabelle Boemeke on Nuclear Power

May 31 • 00:00

Isabelle Boemeke is a model, digital fashion designer, and the world's first (and only) nuclear power influencer. She makes educational videos as Isodope....

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