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Hosted by Felicity Harley, the Healthy-ish podcast will give you the tools to make healthier decisions, for your mind, body and soul. Featuring guest interviews with the likes of Osher Günsberg, Michelle Bridges and Turia Pitt, as well as expert intel from doctors, dermatologists and dietitians,Read more

Popular episodes

Is F45’s new wellness workout for you?

Nov 28 • 08:36

So you’ve heard of F45’s new franchise, FS8, but you’re still not sure what it’s all about. Well, Maghan Fittler is a pilates expert and leads programming design for FS8 and discusses everything you need to know about the full-body workout....

Eating disorders in films; meditation for mistakes; morning kick-starters

Nov 25 • 09:24

Each Friday, host Felicity Harley and Ali Izzo, Body + Soul's digital director, chat through three stories that made them spit-out - or guzzle - their green juices. Or wine. This week, they discuss eating disorders in films (see story, here); meditation to lessen mistakes (see study, here); and remedies to combat foggy-headed mornings (see story, here). If this episode tri...

How to stop being such a people-pleaser (aka fawning)

Nov 24 • 09:09

Psychologist and author Dr Rebecca Ray discusses fawning - people pleasing, overnicess and bending over backward to please - what it is exactly and how to stop this self-sabotaging behaviour....

Wim Hof & cold water immersion, explained

Nov 23 • 08:38

Liam Hemsworth, Tom Cruise and UK fitness star Joe Wicks are fans of the Wim Hof Method aka cold water immersion, so does it really heal body and mind? Leah Scott is a certified Wim Hof Method instructor and talks through this revolutionary breathing technique. ...

What is Ayurvedic eating all about?

Nov 22 • 09:09

Chasca Summerville is an Ayurvedic practitioner and author of a new book, Ayurvedic Rituals. She discusses how to bring balance back into your eating habits through the ancient healing practices of Ayurveda. ...

How do you train for a world record?

Nov 21 • 09:06

Former champion IronWoman Bonnie Hancock is attempting to become the youngest and fastest person to circumnavigate Australia on a ski paddle. In this episode, she talks about her physical and mental preparation for her six-month adventure. ...

Healthy food you’re wasting money on; rage quitting; cardio or weights first?

Nov 18 • 10:11

Each Friday, host Felicity Harley and Body + Soul's digital director, Ali Izzo chat through three stories that made them spit-out - or guzzle - their green juices. Or wine. This week, they chat: rage quitting and the great resignation (see story, here); cardio or weights first for max results?; healthy foods you’re wasting your money on (see story, here)....

TikTok’s viral nutrition trends decoded

Nov 17 • 08:05

Fess up, have you tried making TikTok’s trending cloud bread hoping it’s nutritious? What about nature’s cereal? Sophie Scott is nutritionist, environmental scientist and educator at Endeavour College of Natural Health, and dissects the biggest nutrition and health trends on social media. ...

What does it mean to live fearlessly?

Nov 16 • 08:24

Want to know how to truly embrace fear and slay self-doubt? Lola Berry is a nutritionist, podcast host and author of Fearlessly Failing and discusses facing fears, pushing past them and living a more fearless life. ...

How to tap into your hunger scale

Nov 15 • 09:04

Pennie McCoy is a nutritionist and the CSIRO Total Wellbeing dietitian and talks about "the hunger scale" - how to tune into your appetite and measure levels of fullness to stop overeating andemotional eating. ...

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