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Haunted Talks - The Official Podcast of The Haunted Walk

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Haunted Talks is the official podcast of Haunted Walks Inc., best known for walking tours of Kingston, Ottawa and Toronto, Ontario. Each episode features unique conversations with experts in the fields of the paranormal, dark history, tourism, science....or really anything we think would make for aRead more

Popular episodes

Ep 114 - Happy Halloween! 🎃

Oct 31 • 08:19

Ep 113 - Tales from the Tours Vol. 2

Oct 22 • 48:00

Being a Storyteller for The Haunted Walk is Never Dull. When you spend a lot of time in and around haunted locations – things are bound to happen. Whether you want them to or not! In this special episode, we are joined by several of our talented tour guides who share the bizarre, eerie, and downright terrifying events that they have witnessed or experienced in the line of ...

Ep 112 - The Enfield Poltergeist

Oct 15 • 31:12
Incredible hoax or one of the most witnessed cases of supernatural activity?

The Enfield Poltergeist is a case that must give the most ardent skeptics pause. The story is not only terrifying, but spanning 2 years, it is also one of the most well-documented hauntings in history. There were many firsthand witnesses and hundreds of hours of audio recordings from inside the ha...

Ep 111 - What Happened to the Mary Celeste?

Oct 8 • 25:35

When the Mary Celeste was found off the Azores in 1872, it was immediately clear that something was wrong. The ship was deserted. What happened? Did the crew stage a mutiny? Were they attacked by pirates? Caught in a storm or some other freak weather event? Stories of this “Ghost Ship” quickly began to spread around the world, as did the fanciful stories of her fate. Join ...

Ep 110 - Haunted Objects

Oct 1 • 23:47

Some of the creepiest paranormal stories are related to specific items. We explore several strange objects that were innocently purchased, only to bring something dark into the homes of the unsuspecting buyers. We examine mass-produced art prints that were so feared 2,500 of them were burned, a bunk bed that brought disembodied voices, a cursed painting connected to a seri...

Ep 109 - Solving the Somerton Man Mystery

Sep 3 • 40:11

One of the world’s great mysteries is on the verge of being solved. For over 70 years, investigators have sought to identify the unknown man found dead on an Australian beach in 1948. There were no signs of foul play and an examination of the victim’s stylish clothing strangely revealed that all of the labels had been removed. In his pocket was found a passage from a rare ...

Ep 108 - Field of Frights: Baseball Ghosts

Aug 20 • 54:21

Of all of the professional sports, baseball seems to be the one most closely associated with the paranormal. There are famously haunted ballparks that connect current-day players and fans with the legends of the past. The Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York, has had so many strange encounters that it has been featured on shows like Ghost Hunters. Baseball player...

Ep 107 - Women in Horror

Jul 30 • 49:31

Historically in the horror genre, women have often been relegated to playing innocent victims who suffer terrible violence in movies most often watched by young men. Dr. Amy Jane Vosper believes horror movies are changing and has written a Ph.D. dissertation to prove it. Women are now making horror, writing about horror, watching horror, and communicating with one another ...

Ep 106 - What's in the Cellar?

Jul 16 • 13:28

In 1861, the town of Kendal, England was the site of a chilling ghost story that captured imaginations and made headlines around the world. Late one night while gathered around a fireplace, a group of people suddenly experience a series of forceful knocks that shake the building. The residents search the structure in an attempt to determine the cause of the disturbance. Th...

Ep 105 - Who Tried to Kill Shirley Temple?

Jun 18 • 27:11

The strange but true story of how child movie star and “America’s Sweetheart”, Shirley Temple, survived a brush with death on Christmas Eve in 1939 during a live radio show. We share Temple’s own account of the terrifying and bizarre incident, as well as key parts of the original radio broadcast. Was it a clandestine operation by a foreign government? Someone jealous of Te...

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