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Hashing It Out

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Hashing It Out is a podcast which dives into the weeds with tech innovators in blockchain infrastructure and decentralized networks to learn more about what they build and the problems they face head on to overcome.

Popular episodes

Hashing It Out Personals: Rick Dudley

Nov 7 • 01:17:39

Today we'll be talking with Rick Dudley, the president of Vulcanize, Inc. Rick has been around the blockchain space for quite a while in various aspects, and has contributed to a multitude of projects. We're going to dive into as many as we can, as well as what he thinks the future of this ecosystem looks like and what we can do today to help shape it. ...

Hashing It Out #108 - Pranav Maheshwari - TheGraph

Sep 10 • 01:05:28

Today Corey talks with Pranav Maheshwari from The Graph, an indexing protocol for querying networks like Ethereum and IPFS. We'll dive deep into how The Graph works, what it aims to solve, what complications it has faced as it has scaled out to its current state, and where it expects to go in the future. ...

Hashing It Out Personals: Austin Griffith

Aug 27 • 57:32

Austin Griffith is a prolific developer who works with the Ethereum Foundation to not only build new decentralized technology, but also teach others how to do the same. He also leads the BuidlGuidl, which is a curated group of Ethereum builders creating products, prototypes, and tutorials with scaffold-eth. Check him out at:

Hashing It Out #106-SuperRare NFT Marketplace

Aug 2 • 58:09

Today, Corey and Jaye talk with Ryan Collins from SuperRare, an NFT platform that gives continuous royalties to the artists that create them as they're traded throughout the market place. We go into how it works, how it differentiates itself, where they're at, where they're going, and much more! Enjoy...

Hashing It Out EP 105- Optimism

Jul 8 • 01:06:12

Hashing It Out #104- Niran Babalola and Panvala

Jun 19 • 01:10:08

Niran Babaloa joins Corey and Jaye once again to talk about Panvala again and go futher in depth in breakdown how Panvala is empower community buliding. ...

Hashing It Out #103: ExiledSurfer

May 27 • 01:17:42

On this episode we talk with ExiledSurfer, a man who has been in and around the space for quite some time. We'll talk about an upcoming hackathon (June 4 - June 18, 2021) he is putting together via Parallele Polis, how hackathons got started in the first place and found themselves being so prevalent in the blockchain industry, and a myriad of other topics including activis...

Hashing It Out #102: Griff Green

May 20 • 01:07:27

Hashing It Out EP#101​: Vivek Singh

Apr 5 • 01:20:22

Hashing It Out #100-Chris and Jay of REACH

Mar 1 • 01:02:30

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