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Cheat on the news with Hard Factor. Daily news, but funny and enjoyable, not hyper-polarizing and depressing like all the others. Drops at Midnight Eastern, 5 Days a Week, 24/7/365. Follow the pod on social @HardFactorNews. Hosts: @hardfactorMark @hardfactorPat @hardfactorWes @hardfactorWill. FullRead more

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12/7/21: KY Derby Winner Medina Spirit Dies, Alzheimers & Boners Connected, & The Swiss Are Making Suicide Easier

Dec 7 • 01:04:05

On today’s Episode we remember Pearl Harbor & Medina Spirit.  We also talk Jussie Smollett, cocaine in Parliament, Alzheimers & Boner connection (00:54:45), Santa getting a gun in Colorado & a snake infestation in Maryland...

12/6/21: Trans Swimmer is Smashing NCAA Women’s Speed Records

Dec 6 • 01:19:59

UPenn swimmer Lia Thomas has become an absolute phenom in the world of collegiate women’s swimming. Back in November Lia set two school records in the 200 and 500 meter races with times that would have beaten the best swimmers in the country. She also recently transitioned genders and sports teams from the UPenn men’s team. (00:24:55)...

12/3/21: Tesla is Making ATVs for Nerds, and China is Making Fake Swiss Professors on Facebook

Dec 3 • 01:23:10

Another beautiful Florida Man Friday, and we’ve got news to spare. Stories including: the new Tesla Cyberquad ATV for kids who will be bullied by Polaris kids (00:23:00), a fake Swiss biologist created by a Facebook network in China to spin disinformation about the origin of Covid-19 (00:38:33), and much more......

12/2/21: Alec Baldwin Is Crying & Probably Lying About “Rust” Shooting On New ABC News Special

Dec 2 • 01:00:03

Alec Baldwin sits down to tell his side of the horrific “Rust” shooting (00:21:40), an Indian Doctor prescribes eating cow poop to pregnant women, Pat’s health is deteriorating, man with world’s largest nose says it has its perks and MD man steals ED medicine from pharmacy...

12/1/21: Royals, Presidents, Actors and Astronauts Named on Epstein’s Plane, and Robots Can Now Reproduce on Their Own

Dec 1 • 01:07:09

Day 2 of the Ghislaine Maxwell case brought confirmation from the personal pilot of the Lolita Express or Jeffrey Epstein’s private plane that flew to his island, that several prominent men were regulars onboard like multiple ex US Presidents, a famous creepy actor, a prince, and an astronaut (00:20:36). Oh great it looks like AI robots, the xenobots, can now reproduce all...

11/30/21: Twitter Jack is GONE Like a Leather Jacket in North Korea

Nov 30 • 01:02:35

Jack Dorsey steps down as CEO of Twitter (00:18:20), Kim Jong Un bans leather jackets for everyone but himself in North Korea (00:00:00), insane animal stories from all over the globe and much more......

11/29/21: Metaverse Lands Sells For Millions, New Covid Variant Update & Woman Breast Feeds A Cat On A Plane

Nov 29 • 01:08:09

Metaverse digital land selling for millions of actual dollars (00:25:30), Omicron variant update from Will, who also has Covid, Hunter Biden’s laptop coming back to bite him again, woman breastfeeds her cat on a plane (00:56:30) & More...

11/26/21: Florida Man Friday - Squad Car BJs and Majestic Bald Eagles

Nov 26 • 01:10:42

This Florida Man Friday episode starts off with some updates about famed Florida Man “Podium Guy” from the J6 Riot and Brian Laundrie, then straight into 5 firendish tales from the sunshine state, including Road Head in a Squad Car (00:23:50) and Florida Men Bonding Over Majestic Eagles (00:34:10) and MUCH more......

11/24/21: Pillow Fighting Leagues, ‘Dog Phone’ Invented and ‘Dog Man’ Spotted, Will Smith Vomits When he Orgasms

Nov 24 • 01:16:58

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Will Smith, claims he had so much sex with women that he got sick of it literally and threw up during orgasms (00:13:49). The PFC or Pillow Fighting Championship is an actual league of adults that pillow fight mainly in Florida and the owners think it can actually be successful (00:37:35). A Dr. in Scotland invented the dog phone because she wa...

11/23/21: Bad Hotel Review Lands Grandma In The Streets & Mad Cash Grab On San Diego Highway

Nov 23 • 01:18:09

An update on the Waukesha Parade Massacre, The “Black Alien” from France is cutting off his fingers to get claws (00:32:45), A woman is thrown out of the hotel she is staying in for leaving a bad review & an armored car spill cash all over a San Diego Highway, creating a free for all amongst motorists (01:02:50)...

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