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Hard Agree is a pop culture podcast hosted by Andrew Sumner about the things that connect and unite us, whatever those things may be, whatever our differences might be - the things that we can hard agree on.

Popular episodes

The Epic Life of Carl Potts

Oct 25 • 01:23:50

Sumner is joined on this week’s Hard Agree for a wide-ranging comics-heavy conversation with one of his all-time favorite comic book editors: artist, writer & thirteen-year Marvel Comics veteran Carl Potts. Carl joined Marvel in 1983 and, in addition to co-creating Alien Legion, he oversaw the reinvention & redevelopment of The Punisher (transforming Frank Castle from an o...

Drawing with Rob Biddulph

Oct 1 • 01:10:46

Whenever Sumner gets asked “who’s the most talented person you’ve ever worked with?” there’s only one answer: “Rob Biddulph.” Back when they worked together in the magazine biz, Rob was an innovative, multi-award-winning art director (responsible for zeitgeist-defining titles like SKY and the NME before his storied run on the Observer Magazine). Now Rob’s an innovative, mu...

Michael Moorcock’s Multiverse III: Battling WH Smith, Celebrating Billy Batson & Remembering Harlan Ellison

Sep 22 • 56:30

Sumner welcomes the world’s greatest living fantasy author, Michael Moorcock, back to Hard Agree for the latest instalment in their ongoing series of conversations about Michael’s life and work. In this third episode, Sumner & Moorcock discuss Mike’s battles with WH Smith about John Norman’s Gor; puritanical America; the artistry of CC Beck and Mac Raboy - and the brillian...

Mark Askwith: Canadian Coaxial Pop Culture Boogaloo

Sep 6 • 01:22:48

Sumner welcomes his old friend Mark Askwith to this week’s Hard Agree. Mark’s done itall and interviewed everyone in the pop culture sphere over the last thirty years. After starting out in the late 80s publishing scene (like Sumner himself - but 3,000 miles further west, in Toronto), Mark managed the hugely-influential Silver Snail comic book store in Ontario, before co-w...

John K Snyder III – Ethereal Pulp Noir

Aug 15 • 02:04:48

Sumner welcomes comics writer/illustrator John K Snyder III to this week’s Hard Agree. Possessed of a unique style that’s both ethereal and hyper-real, that lends itself to hardboiled noir and fantasy, John has spent 35 years super-delivering in both genres (and sometimes jamming them both together). Sumner & Snyder spend a couple of hours walking through John’s storied ca...

Tyler Bates: Music, Moviemaking & Creative Alchemy

Aug 5 • 01:10:37

Sumner welcomes award-winning musician/composer/producer Tyler Bates to this week’s Hard Agree for a chat about his working life in music & movies. Over the last twenty years, Tyler has scored some of the most impactful Hollywood productions of the 21st century – including Watchmen, 300, Guardians of the Galaxy 1 & 2, Hobbs & Shaw, Deadpool 2 and all three John Wick movies...

Mark Ditko: Family, Creativity and the Unparalleled Genius of Steve Ditko

Jul 29 • 01:11:50

Sumner welcomes Mark Ditko to Hard Agree. Mark is both a successful civil engineer and the nephew of Sumner’s all-time favorite comics artist: Pennsylvania’s finest, the legendary Steve Ditko! Mark’s beloved uncle co-created, plotted & illustrated the adventures of Peter Parker, the amazingSpider-Man, across an amazing 38 issue run that’s never been equaled. Along the way,...

Matt Wagner’s Mystery Theatre

Jul 21 • 01:22:04

Sumner welcomes one of his favorite writer-artists, Matt Wagner, to Hard Agree for a deep dive into Matt’s forty years at the top of the comics industry – from his constantly-evolving signature creations Grendel and Mage, to his love of pulp fiction and his inspired adaptations of The Shadow, The Green Hornet, Zorro & The Spirit to his deconstruction/amplification/expansio...

Michael Moorcock’s Multiverse II: Letters from Hollywood

Jul 1 • 56:37

Sumner welcomes the world’s greatest living fantasy author, Michael Moorcock, back to Hard Agree for the latest installment in their ongoing series of conversations about Michael’s life and work. In this second episode, Sumner & Moorcock discuss Mike’s wild ride through Hollywood – including working with Irvin Kershner, Peter Weir’s high-level conjuring ability, the limita...

Mandy Bardisbanian: Pride, Empathy, Creativity & Ambition

Jun 24 • 01:11:34

It’s LGBTQ+ Pride Month and Reverend Sumner welcomes one of his closest friends, Legion M’s Mandy Bardisbanian to Hard Agree. Mandy B is a tireless, take-no-prisoners, stamp-the-accelerator-to-one-hundred creativity machine. Born & raised in two of the USA’s most socially & politically conservative states, Oklahoma & Texas, Mandy B parachuted into Hollywood ten years ago w...

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