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Because the past wasn't dry! Join us for a comedy history podcast as host Kayden attempts to bring to life the craziest and most amazing tales from history so she can turn all her friends into massive history nerds too. Sorry, mom!

Popular episodes

29. Catherine the Great Part 2: The Enlightened Despot

Apr 29 • 01:36:22

28. Catherine the Great Part 1: German, Russian, Wife, Lover

Jan 24 • 01:39:43

Kayden and Sarah — who was the inspiration for this podcast! — chat in this episode about Russia's HBIC Catherine the Great. Together, we cover her childhood, her move to Russia, and the tumultuous relationships she had with her husband, her aunt-in-law, and a couple of lovers....

27. Miriam Makeba Part 2: Mama Africa

Oct 11 • 01:13:05

Kayden and Kara are back to talk about the second half of Miriam Makeba's life, including her many years in exile from South Africa, her contentious relationship with the United States, and the amazing work she did for the African identity. Enjoy a few musical interludes, too!...

26. Miriam Makeba Part 1: Sophiatown is Gone (and so is Miriam)

Sep 22 • 56:17

Welcome back for our (unofficial) season 2 as Kayden is joined by podcast aficionado Kara to learn all about South African singer Miriam Makeba. Jam along to some hits throughout the podcast, too!...

BLM: How Confederate Memorials have Rewritten History

Jun 4 • 57:15

This is an unusual episode for an unusual time in the world. Today, I'll be focusing on the history of Confederate statues as they relate to the Lost Cause myth, which is actively harmful to America's black community. This was the subject of my undergraduate research, though I am not an expert. For more information, please look towards the following resources:...

24. Emperor Nero Supplemental: What an Artist Dies in Me

Apr 6 • 18:12

When the story gets a bit too long, some things have to be cut. In Agrippina's case, it's her son Nero. What happened after Agrippina's death that couldn't make the episode? Listen to the supplemental with Kayden, Holly, and Caro to find out. ...

23. Agrippina the Younger Part 2: Game of Rome

Apr 4 • 01:52:25

Kayden is joined by Holly and Caro for this monster of an episode to finish up the story of Agrippina the Younger. There's no cooler last words than "Smite My Womb", and we know it....

22. Agrippina the Younger Part 1: Daughter of Rome

Mar 5 • 01:23:34

Kayden is joined by Holly this episode to talk about one of Ancient Rome's coolest empresses: Julia Agrippina. Anyone who says something as baller as "Let [my son] kill me, just let him rule" in response to prophecy is too cool to imagine....

21. Harriet Tubman Part 2: The Forgotten Union Spy

Feb 28 • 51:11

Kayden and Kai are back for part 2 of Harriet Tubman's amazing life. From Underground Railroad conductor to Union spy to suffragist and philanthropist.... and she still had time to make a living baking pies. Give this woman her money and put her on the money....

20. Harriet Tubman Part 1: The Conductor to Freedom

Feb 18 • 01:06:51

It's Black History month, which is the perfect time to discuss one of America's greatest badasses: Harriet Tubman. Born a third-generation slave, Harriet would face adversity her entire life, but made remarkable achievements in helping numerous people to escape to freedom. Put this lady on the money already!...

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