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Gretchen Rubin is HAPPIER, and she wants you to be happier too. The #1 bestselling author of The Happiness Project and Better Than Before gets more personal than ever as she brings her practical, manageable advice about happiness and good habits to this lively, thought-provoking podcast. Gretchen’sRead more

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Ep. 336: Allow Others to Share Your Enthusiasm, the Props Listeners Use to Manage Anxiety, a Deep Dive into Listeners’ One-Word Themes—Plus a Hack for Asking Tough Questions

Jul 28 • 37:14

We discuss why it’s a good idea to allow others to share your enthusiasm, we review the props used by listeners to help manage anxiety, take a look at listeners’ one-word themes for 2021, and share a hack for asking a tough question. ...

Little Happier: To the Curious and Prepared Mind, Something Dull Becomes Interesting.

Jul 26 • 02:25

A story about the small talk of two brilliant mathematicians reminds me that a curious and well-informed mind can find much of interest in the world. The taxi-cab’s number 1729 turns out to be a very interesting number....

Ep. 335: Walk Away from a Bad Mood, a Rebel and an Obliger Offer Tips, and a Great Hack for Giving an Easy Yet Thoughtful Gift

Jul 21 • 29:06

We talk about how we can walk away from a bad mood, suggest an idea for giving very thoughtful gifts (that are easy to do), and discuss excellen suggestions from a Rebel and an Obliger about self-management....

Little Happier: Both My Parents Made the Same Observation about Queen Elizabeth II.

Jul 19 • 03:59

I was surprised when both my parents commented on Queen Elizabeth II’s decision to direct the Royal Family to wear mourning clothes (instead of traditional uniforms) to the funeral of her husband Prince Philip. Both my parents were impressed by the thoughtfulness and foresight of her decision....

Ep. 334: Happier Podcast Book Club: Writer and Musician Michelle Zauner Talks about Family, Identity, and Food in Her Memoir “Crying in H Mart”

Jul 14 • 34:17

We talk to Michelle Zauner of Japanese Breakfast about her compelling memoir “Crying in H Mart.”...

Little Happier: Sometimes We Lash Out in Anger When In Fact We’re Feeling a Very Different Emotion

Jul 12 • 05:16

A poignant scene from Meredith Hall’s novel Beneficence, where a husband and father speaks with harsh words to deny his regrets, reminds me to show my love; others can only see my actions....

Ep. 333: We Review Our One-Word Theme for the Year, Suggest a Hot-Weather Hack, and Discuss the Power of Plants with Michael Pollan

Jul 7 • 42:15

The year 2021 has hit the midway point, so we review our one-word themes to evaluate how we’re doing. We also suggest a hack for dealing with hot summer nights, and talk about Michael Pollan about his fascinating new book, “This Is Your Mind on Plants.”...

Little Happier: Sometimes, When We Understand Someone’s Perspective, Our Anger Fades

Jul 5 • 04:16

Sometimes, understanding someone else’s point of view allows our anger to fade. When writer Julie Lythcott-Haims understood that her mother’s definition of a “visit” differed from her definition of a “visit,” her resentment faded and her empathy grew....

Ep. 332: We Review Our “21 for 2021” Lists to Consider What We’ve Done (or Not) and Discuss a Happiness Hack for Managing Anxiety.

Jun 30 • 41:59

The year is hitting the half-way mark, so we review our “21 for 2021” lists to mark our progress (and lack of progress). We also review a hack for clearing the mind, and Elizabeth gets both a demerit and a gold star related to work....

Little Happier: Novelist Amy Tan Didn’t Ask Her Unnamed Goddess for Good Reviews, But for Something Else.

Jun 28 • 03:15

Novelist Amy Tan recounts that as she was writing her second book, she prayed to unnamed goddess that she “be able to write the best book I could, and that no matter what happened to it, I would have no regrets.” Wisely, she didn’t pray for a particular outcome or some metric of success; she prayed that she would feel no regrets....

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