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Happier & Healthier with Maria Marlowe


Take control of your health and happiness by developing the key habits and thought patterns of happy and healthy people. Join Maria Marlowe and expert guests as they cut through the confusing world of health, nutrition, wellness, relationships, and life in general to help you master your mind, bodyRead more

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102: Herbs: The Medicine in Your Kitchen With Rosalee de la Forêt

Jul 20 • 52:57

In today’s episode, we’re talking about how to transform everyday herbs and spices into effective healing herbal remedies with registered herbalist, Rosalee de la Forêt. Rosalee dives into the incredible health benefits of herbs and spices, how to match their properties to our needs and, practical ways to incorporate them into our diet....

101: Know Your Birthing Options With Lindsey Bliss

Jul 13 • 52:12

In today's episode, I'm talking with doula and co-founder of Carriage House Birth, Lindsey Bliss, about natural birthing options. She shares what a doula is and does, what it's like to work with one, and why it's important to understand your options and rights around birthing.  We also discuss the challenges around reproductive injustice, the common myths about giving birt...

100: Herbalism 101 With Guido Masé RH (AHG)

Jul 6 • 59:45

This week we dive into the world of herbs with renowned clinical herbalist Guido Masé who shares his profound passion for plants and wild medicine. We discuss some easy-to-find and safe herbal remedies for common complaints, how digestive bitters can drastically improve your digestion and assimilation of nutrients, and why he considers himself a plant-person matchmaker....

The Hidden Brain In Our Skin With Dr. Claudia Aguirre, PhD

Jul 1 • 51:56

This week's guest, neuroscientist & mind-body expert Dr. Claudia Aguirre shares her unique insight on the intricate brain-skin connection. She talks about how the skin communicates to us about what's going on inside, the impact of stress on our skin, and how to resiliently deal with it to live healthfully & glow from within....

Surprising Skin Secrets From A Derm & Hormone Expert

Jun 29 • 57:30

In this episode, Dr. Keira Barr, dermatologist, hormone expert & bestselling author joins me to talk about all things skin. She shares the true secrets to glowing, healthy skin (that does not come from a bottle or a derm's office!). After experiencing skin cancer herself, and digging into the research, she realized that the way she lived and practiced as an MD had to chang...

Flowers And Herbs For Health With Kerry Hughes, M.Sc.

Jun 25 • 54:59

Ethnobotanist and Herbalist Kerry Hughes, MSc, shares the fascinating science behind the benefits of botanicals and explains why we should be eating flowers and smelling more plants for better health....

Cultivating Resilience In Challenging Times With Dr. Eva Selhub

Jun 22 • 52:19

Do you let setbacks break you or make you stronger? This week board-certified physician, scientist, and executive coach, Dr. Eva Selhub teaches us how to become more resilient, with insights from her book, Resilience for Dummies....

Building A Natural Remedy Brand With Nina Mullen

Jun 18 • 35:17

Hilma’s Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Nina Mullen, shares how she and her two co-founders created Hilma, a new natural remedy brand. She shares the process of creating a new product, why they chose to invest in clinical trials, their launch strategy (in a pandemic!), and what to consider when choosing a dietary supplement....

Clearing Acne From The Inside Out With Dr. Julie Greenberg

Jun 15 • 42:05

This week, Naturopath Dr. Julie Greenberg explains why healing acne starts within. We discuss how gut health and internal imbalance drive acne and why repairing the gut and developing a healthier diet and lifestyle are key to clearing the skin, for good....

You don't need to fix your face: A conversation on aging

Jun 10 • 53:37

In this special episode, I'm joined by two dear friends, Jennie & Tara, in an honest & authentic conversation on aging. We talk all about the common stereotypes that are pervasive in our culture, unrealistic social beauty standards, and how we can strive to unapologetically embrace the aging process instead of trying to defy it....

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