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You’re not totally happy with your career (obviously!) You also know that there “has to be something out there that’s better.” That hope that you can find meaningful and fulfilling work, that also pays you well, has led you here! This is the show that provides the inspiration, tools, andRead more

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Being Happy in an Exhausting Job

Jul 26 • 33:30

Being exhausted doesn’t mean that it has to be a negative in your life....

Discover How You Contribute to the World (and How It Impacts Your Career)

Jul 19 • 38:36

Contribution is often overlooked as we look at creating a career that is fulfilling and meaningful....

Leveraging What Makes You Unique: The Key to Your Career Change

Jul 12 • 56:24

How do you take yourself from good to great?...

Surprising Career Change Advice from 6 People Who Made the Switch

Jul 5 • 18:43

We've all been there. We've all, at one point, found ourselves unmotivated at work, slumped in our office chairs and felt the burnout slowly creep up on us. You realize that it’s time to move on and make the change, but how do you know where to begin?...

How Do Signature Strengths Actually Work?

Jun 28 • 50:54

The purpose of this podcast is to help you change your career and find your “ideal” role, a role that “fits,” a role where you can “flourish.” But what does that mean, exactly? Sociologists have studied this, and it turns out that people who use their strengths on a daily basis are happier, more productive, and more “fulfilled.” On the podcast today, I talk about the conce...

How to Turn a Hobby You Love Into Your Full-time Role

Jun 21 • 29:07

Many people list their “passion project” as a side hustle, but we’re convinced you can be passionate about 100% of your career. Find out a creative way to turn skills you already use into lasting career happiness....

What’s Keeping You Stuck in Your Career (and How to Get Unstuck) (4 of 4)

Jun 18 • 23:30

As human beings, when we get stuck, we tend to focus on one thing that we latch onto as the “reason” why. Or one thing that if we could only do, it would solve all of our problems. ...

4 Examples of Career Changes Without Starting Over (3 of 4)

Jun 17 • 40:27

Have you ever heard of career coaches use a ranking system for career change difficulty?...

Discover the Transferable Experience You Already Have (2 of 4)

Jun 16 • 30:29

Are your skills transferable to your dream career?...

How to Get Unstuck (Without Starting Over) (1 of 4)

Jun 15 • 27:21

Wondering if you have to choose between another degree and staying in the comfortably-miserable job you’re in right now?...

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