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Hands-On Wellness (Video)


Wearables, sensors, fitness trackers, and smart devices are all around us. Ant Pruitt shows you how to use today’s tech for a healthier you. He'll discuss the importance of fitness and general wellness coupled with simple life hacks. It’s as easy as taking ten minutes to get away from your desk orRead more

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HOW 36: Answering Your Wellness Feedback - Fitbit Alternative

Dec 18 • 07:58

On Hands-On Wellness, Ant Pruitt responds to listener and viewer feedback and question regarding different tech options for personal wellness. Is there a better alternative to the Fitbit that's not the Apple Watch? Be sure to subscribe to Hands-On Tech in your podcast app as this feed will be consolidated into that one....

HOW 35: Level Up Your CGM Data - Levels CGM Analysis

Dec 11 • 13:33

HOW 34: Cleaner Drinking Water by Sawyer - Tech For Clean Drinking Water

Dec 4 • 09:55

The COVID-19 pandemic has really forced us to be more aware about our personal wellness and best practices for better health. Something that never gets discussed is our water supply. If our water source is contaminated, what will we do? On Hands On Wellness, Ant Pruitt shares a tool from Sawyer that can help keep your water source clean and safe for consumption....

HOW 33: Tech For Clean Travel - Raycop GO UV+

Nov 20 • 10:11

HOW 32: Fitness Recovery With Hyperice - Hypervolt Plus

Nov 13 • 14:08

Staying on top of your personal wellness and fitness means lots of exercise, proper diet and rest. It also means that sometimes you'll have aches and pain. Hyperice sent Ant Pruitt a device to help with muscle aches called the Hypervolt Plus. Ant shares his experience with the device on this episode of Hands On Wellness....

HOW 31: Gamify Your Core Workout - Stealth Core

Nov 6 • 11:22

Doing fitness work on your belly can be a drag. Face it, it's not fun, but it's a key item in keeping your waistline trim and healthy. Stealth has a product that can help make your core and belly workout more fun. Ant Pruitt takes a look at the Stealth Core fitness device on Hands-On Wellness....

HOW 30: CHOP Your Workout Routine - Chop Fit Chopper

Oct 30 • 11:02

HOW 29: What's Your Bedtime Routine? - Hatch Restore

Oct 23 • 15:14

HOW 28: Your Wellness Questions & Feedback - Listener Feedback

Oct 16 • 11:52

HOW 27: Tech for Sinus Pain - Tivic Health's ClearUP

Oct 9 • 11:03

Sinus pressure and pain affect millions of people each day. There happens to be some interesting tech available to help with these ailments. The Tivic Health ClearUP is an option available to assist with sinus pressure using microcurrent technology. ...

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