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Podcast by Bijan Sabet & Nabeel Hyatt

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Hallway Chat, Episode 1 - Season 8

Jan 29 • 40:13
Hey ya'll. We are back with another episode of Hallway Chat. In our first episode of the new year, Nabeel and Bijan are joined by our new Spark colleague, Brian Watson!

In todays show we discuss Apple and service-based software releasing, the PS5 and why we play games, creating a middle class Creator Economy, blogging in 2021 and finding your voice on the internet, being a...

The Pod is Back, 2020 edition

Jul 8 • 43:32
We are back with a long overdue edition of Hallway Chat. Todays episode, Bijan and Nabeel discuss: investing during a pandemic (ie 2020 vs 2019), how we are working from home (technology and schedule), some likely controversial thoughts about remote work, AirPods woes, and a few memorable moments at Postmates. Thanks for listening and as always tweet us with comments/quest...

Hallway Chat: The pod is back!

Aug 1 • 46:18

1 reaction

Bitcoin, tech morality, startup hard decisions and the iMac Pro

Dec 14 • 41:57

The VC "Sh*t Show", iPhone X, and consumer apps

Nov 16 • 41:18

Mastering scale, Google I/O and judging "what's worth making a startup"

May 19 • 47:05
5/19/2017: Hey, we're back with another episode of Hallway Chat.

Show notes:

Clay Bavor's Virtual & Augmented Realities

Reid Hoffman's Masters of Scale podcast

Tim O'Reilly's response to Masters of Scale https://www.linkedin…d-black-tim-o-reilly

Google's ongoing tranformation into an AI company, as evidenced in Google I/O, Goog...

Future of work & the moral awakening of Silicon Valley

Feb 12 • 39:05
Recorded 2/10/17.

Summary: Nabeel and Bijan discuss a few favorite new apps, some thoughts about current American politics & the moral awakening of Silicon Valley,

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10% Happier:…ics/id992210239?mt=8

Anil Dash: Tech Moral Reckoning:…chs-moral-reckoning/

Hallway Chat, January 17, 2017

Jan 17 • 44:28
Hi everyone!

@nabeel and @bijan are back with a new podcast to kick off the new year.

This episode of Hallway Chat, we are joined by our fellow Spark partner Kevin Thau (@kevinthau). We talked about the new Apple Airpods, Apple vs Google apps for iOS, Bijan's beef with mail apps for iOS, Nabeel's crazy love affair with Apple Maps, Voice assistants (Echo, Siri, Google Home).

Hallway Chat, 25

May 19 • 35:22

Hallway Chat, Episode 24 (4.7.2016)

Apr 8 • 46:43

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