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The glass is half full. No, it’s half-empty. Join Abhi and Ali for their weekly half-hour podcast about knowing what to fill the rest of the glass with. Their curiosity of life, ideas, and experiences make the glass half full…and the rest, they don’t know yet.

Popular episodes

#68 | How We Learn | Benjamin Keep, J.D., Ph.D.

Jun 3 • 01:12:16

Benjamin Keep, J.D., Ph.D., is interested in how science and learning works to answer three questions: How we learn, how we teach, and how we engage with science. Ben and Abhi had a one-hour chat after Abhi read Ben’s posts on deliberate practice (here). 

In this episode, expect to learn about deliberate practice in knowledge work, training like an athlete, learning somethi...

#67 | Life Update

May 26 • 43:56

#66 | Sleep in a Brainless Animal

May 20 • 30:54

Sleep-like states have been defined in a wide range of animal taxa yet its fundamental function and regulation remains a mystery. To answer this question, Ali has been doing research for the past 3 years attempting to find the origin of sleep through one of the most primitive organisms known: the jellyfish. From understanding behavior to looking to molecular mechanisms, he...

#65|What's Wrong with our Healthcare?

Apr 12 • 22:25

#64 | Prioritizing without Deadlines

Mar 21 • 16:17

#63 | Sherlock

Mar 15 • 19:11

#62 | Silicon Valley: A Home of Wealth and Poverty

Mar 2 • 15:14

#61 | The Past, Present, and Future of Media

Feb 22 • 02:22:31

In this longform episode, we talk all things media. With the rise of TikTok, the GameStop saga,  the influencer economy, and Clubhouse, we begin with understanding how we got here. The publishing bubble, the old and physical media, and information asymmetries of the past. 

Then came the Internet, which changed everything. Distribution, physical media's monopoly, was suddenl...

#60 | Reliving the Past to Make the Future

Feb 16 • 08:26

#59 | Don't 'Build In Public' with Sidhartha Jha

Feb 10 • 01:06:35

In this chat, Sid and I talk about thinking in systems, reading, setting deadlines (with caffeine), using primitive note-taking systems, and advice you should not take. (Hint: Don't build in public.) 

Sidhartha Jha is the writer of the weekly newsletter 'Sid's Sunday Snapshots', that talks about books, tech, psychology, and Chicago. It's a snapshot of his thoughts for the p...

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