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Onscreen, Bruce Willis dodged bullets and explosions in Die Hard and countless action films, making him the biggest movie star of the ‘90s. Offscreen, he dodged the tabloid press and became so determined to live a private life he moved to one of the smallest towns in Idaho. But he didn’t just wantRead more

Popular episodes

Episode 8: Until Further Notice

Dec 22 • 43:28

Episode 7: Homecoming

Dec 15 • 48:15

Hailey, Idaho isn’t the only small town Bruce Willis wants to remake. He sets his sights on Penn's Grove, New Jersey, his actual hometown, and promises big things to come for the economically-strapped region. But red tape and negative press threaten to leave the town with a broken heart—and leave Hailey wondering if they’re still on Willis’ good side....

Episode 6: A Bruce Willis Production

Dec 8 • 47:07

Willis announces he’s starring in and producing a major feature film - a Kurt Vonnegut adaptation - that will be shot in the state of Idaho. He even gives some local actors their big screen breaks. But in a bid to retain almost complete creative control, Willis upends both his career and the lives of his Idahoan neighbors....

Episode 5: Citizen Willis

Dec 1 • 42:33

Small town bureaucracy slows Willis’ ambitions, the police go after his inner circle and some Hailey residents are just saying no to Bruce. When lawsuits start popping up, Willis steps out of the shadows and flexes his political muscle. It turns into a statewide battle when the federal government proposes dumping nuclear waste 60 miles away from Hailey....

Special Episode: The Blood Countess Elizabeth Báthory

Nov 29 • 31:25

Episode 4: Mint Condition

Nov 17 • 38:14

Bruce Willis opens his biggest investment in Hailey yet—the two-story Mint bar and nightclub. Major acts draw modest crowds, but the real attraction is Willis and his band, who show up unannounced and rock long into the night. But having a major nightlife hotspot in the sleepy town leads to some big city problems, problems that leave some wondering where did the real Haile...

Episode 3: Planet Haileywood

Nov 10 • 42:39

Willis ventured into big business with his gimmicky Planet Hollywood franchise, but after being a quiet Hailey resident for several years, Willis buys and renovates a restaurant and bar, and soon an old movie theater. When blockbuster Hollywood premieres start happening on Hailey's main street, residents soon realize that Willis' persona casts a big shadow....

Episode 2: Welcome to the Party, Pal

Nov 3 • 49:24

Episode 1: His Own Private Idaho

Oct 27 • 54:28

Introducing: Haileywood

Oct 15 • 02:43

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