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Guild of Dads: Vision+Action=Meaning

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Guild of Dads is the podcast to listen to if you are a Dad who wants to develop a Vision in all areas of your life, take action towards that vision, leave your legacy, and find meaning along the way. Weekly we interview some of the most visionary men on the planet who have taken action towardsRead more

Popular episodes

JOSH CONNOLLY - Find Your Strength Through The Art of Resilience

Nov 26 • 01:00:52

Today I speak to Resilience & Breathwork Coach, Expert in Humanising Our Emotions, Speaker & Trainer, Josh Connolly....

HELEN BIRCH - Finding My Way Back From My Partners Suicide.

Nov 20 • 01:12:46

Today I speak to a mum who was bereaved by their partners suicide and now campaigns for those suffering trauma following birth, is a specialist suicide intervention and prevention trainer along with being Co-Founder of The Paternal Mental Health Alliance – Helen Birch....

CONNOR BEATON - The Transformative Art of Shadow Work

Nov 14 • 01:10:04

I am joined by accomplished TEDx Speaker, Shadow Work Therapist and Teacher, Podcaster and Founder of the Man Talks Community – Connor Beaton. ...

DR KHURRAM SADIQ - How To Embrace The Super Human in Your Autistic Child

Nov 7 • 01:17:41

Today I am joined by Neurodevelopmental Psychiatrist in ASD and ADHD, TEDx Speaker, blogger vlogger, and Mental Health Expert, Dr Khurram Sadiq. ...

GREG SCHEINMANN - How The Dad Bod Has Become a Badge of Honour and What This Means For Your Health

Oct 20 • 01:17:29

Today I am joined by coach, entrepreneur, father to teenage boys and host of the Midlife Male Podcast - Greg Scheinman...

SEAN TUCKER - How We Can Derive Meaning In Our Lives From Making and Creating

Oct 14 • 01:01:11

Today I speak to photographer, film maker, author and philosopher Sean Tucker about his new book The Meaning in The Making (The How and Why Behind Our Human Need to Create)...

SAM WEATHERALD - What kind of feminist Dad are you? A discussion of opposing viewpoints.

Sep 24 • 01:07:24

Today I speak to creator of a new 6 month peer-led learning programme called 'Father Figures' and philosopher Sam Weatherald...

STEPHAN J. GUYENET - Why as humans can't we stop eating so much?

Sep 10 • 01:23:05

Today I speak to author of the book “The Hungry Brain" , an expert in neurodegenerative disease and the neuroscience of body fatness, obesity and eating behaviour, Stephan J Guyenet PhD...

SHAUN (AKA KNACKERED KNACKERS) - My Journey into Male Fertility and How It Changed Me

Aug 26 • 01:30:05

Today I speak to Dad of twins Shaun (AKA Knackered Knackers) who is a man who has been on a remarkable journey of fertility and who is sharing his experience with other men to make a difference to the lives of others through sharing the trials and tribulations of male fertility. ...

LYNDSEY HOOKWAY - How Can I Help My My Child Sleep Better?

Jul 22 • 01:10:04

Today I speak to author of the new book “Still Awake – Responsive Sleep Tools for Toddlers to Tweens’, international speaker on infant feeding, behaviour and sleep, paediatric nurse, and co -founder of the Holistic Sleep Coaching Program – Lyndsey Hookway....

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