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15 : Keith The Boss Closs

Oct 4 • 01:06:36

Extra Session sits down with former NBA player Keith Closs. Learn more about his basketball journey, his stories about the great players he had played and practiced with such as Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal and Kareem Abdul Jabbar, his trials and tribulations and everything else. This is Extra Session with the on man on focus : Keith Boss Closs....

7 : What it takes to make a career out of editing podcasts.

Sep 14 • 34:30

What we discuss with Steve Stewart  in today’s episode:...

Defensive Lynchpin - Rey Evangelista

Sep 13 • 53:28

Extra Session talks to one of the underrated players during the 90s and early 2000s. Known for his defensive skills, he was a member of the all defensive team thrice, mythical second team once, a best player of the conference, sportsmanship awardee - a champion and an all star - the defensive lynchpin - Rey Evangelista in Extra Session with Kiko Malicdem....

The Doctor Collector

Aug 16 • 01:06:06

Extra Session takes time to talk to an avid basketball fan whose passion is in collecting basketball magazines, books, and memorabilia. Meet "The Collector" Dr. Michael Rico Mesina in Extra Session....

6 : Is your website looking tired? Here is how to inject some caffeine into it.

Aug 6 • 11:51

Websites have been an integral component for businesses over the past decade. However,  the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for websites. Whether your business has been in operation for ten years or just ten days, you need an online presence.  ...

17 : Erik Cabral | Why Storytelling is important

Jul 27 • 38:24

Why Storytelling is important if you starting your own Podcast...

Marketing Budgets: Why aren’t small businesses doing them and why they should.

Jul 27 • 13:03

Whether you are a sole trader, a small-medium business owner, or you’re working for a big company, marketing is a good investment. In this episode, we focus on marketing budgets. Why are most small businesses not doing them?  We also focus on the essential components of a marketing budget, its importance, and how much you should spend on your marketing budget....

Jon Ordonio : "Pinoy Ako"

Jul 26 • 38:24

Extra Session caught up with former PBA Direct Hire - Jon Ordonio. Find out his story, his ups and downs and his views on the Fil-Sham controversy that hounded Philippine Basketball in the early 2000s. Spotlight is on Jon Ordonio in Extra Session with Kiko....

16 : Being a Video Creator - Kia Abrera

Jul 13 • 48:34

Do you want to create a meaning full content? ...

You've got mail! Why Email Marketing is the best tactic for the small budgets

Jul 13 • 14:01

You've got mail! Why Email Marketing is the best tactic for the small budgets


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