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Growth with Matt Bilotti

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“Growth” has inundated the tech scene, but for many of us, it’s really just a phrase (and few can actually explain what it means). Drift’s Senior Product Lead, Matt Bilotti, is tired of just nodding and smiling at the term. So every other Wednesday, he meets with other growth experts for 30 minutesRead more

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How to Increase Your Homepage's Conversion Rate by 40% with Video (w/ Danielle Diamond, Epiq Media)

Nov 24 • 24:34

Wondering what the secret is to converting more site visitors with video? Danielle Diamond, of Epiq media, has figured it out, and she's sharing her learnings in this episode....

Ecommerce Funnel Metrics (w/ Connor Gross, co-founder, Respoke Collection)

Nov 10 • 27:26

Connor Gross sold his first company for seven figures when he was in college....

Starting Your Own Growth Marketing Agency (with Annie Mosbacher, Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer at Decoded Strategies)

Oct 27 • 24:42

Annie Mosbacher was a practitioner of customer retention and growth for 15 years, but in 2021, she decided it was time for a change and went out to start her own growth marketing agency. That move has turned this year into one of her happiest professional years....

[Rebroadcast] Building A New Use Case To Unlock A Growth Lever (With Annie Mosbacher And Jason Meer)

Oct 13 • 38:36

We're throwing it back to one of the most interesting episodes of the show....

Happy International Podcast Day

Sep 30 • 01:20

Top Marketing Skills You Need to Know in Order to Master Growth (w/ Morgan Brown & Lindsay Craig of Shopify)

Sep 29 • 26:27

In order to be a growth marketer, there's some key language you should know and tactics you should master. But you don't have to learn them all at once. In this episode Shopify's VP of Growth, Morgan Brown, and Director of Growth, Lindsay Craig, explain what the skills are that make up a successful growth marketer, and how they've learned them along the way....

Building a Startups Program (w/ Brianne Kimmel, Founder & Manager Partner of Worklife Ventures)

Sep 15 • 32:58

Startup programs are becoming more and more popular in SaaS, but they aren't always thought of from the perspective of a growth strategy, and because of that, they're not always used and measured to their maximum potential. Brianne Kimmel built out the startups program at Zendesk before founding Worklife Ventures. In this episode, she and Matt Bilotti, who manages Drift's ...

Leveraging Your Network as a Growth Channel (w/ Kris Rudeegraap, CEO and Co-Founder of Sendoso)

Sep 1 • 20:20

Most companies have 5-15 advisors. But Sendoso...they've got hundreds! In this episode, Kris Rudeegraap, the CEO and co-founder of Sendoso, explains why he chose to have so many advisors, why they're all equity advisors, how he leverages them as a growth channel, and how he manages such a large network....

The Do's and Don'ts of Building Products on Top of Existing Ecosystems (w/ Ankith Harathi of Macro)

Aug 18 • 24:14

Have you ever tried to grow your product's user base through the system of another product? What about build your product from scratch on top of another product's ecosystem? Ankith Harathi did both with his two products, Marlo and Macro....

Learning GitHub’s Approach to Implementing Product Qualified Leads (w/ Thibault Imbert & Morgane Palomares of GitHub)

Aug 4 • 29:05

What the heck is a PQL? And how is one of the best tech companies out there implementing it? While it stands for product qualified lead, what that actually means is a little different for every company. In this episode, VP of Growth Thibault Imbert and senior director of revenue marketing, Morgan Palomares, of GitHub, explain how they define a product qualified lead, how t...

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