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Growth Lessons


Real-life lessons from founders who have failed their way to success.

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Growth Lessons #9 - Jens Lennartsson: Van lifer, Marketing Expert and Action Figure!

Apr 13 • 41:26

Jens Lennartson was a travel photographer for 12 years before he became an action figure and then a marketing expert. ...

Growth Lessons #8 - How Harry Dry taught himself marketing and got over 50,000 newsletter subscribers.

Apr 7 • 35:47

Harry Dry dropped out of university and has no formal marketing training. ...

Growth Lessons #7 - How Rohan Gilkes made millions Building "Boring" Local Businesses.

Mar 31 • 57:12

Are you trying to build sexy projects that change the world? ...

Growth Lessons #6 - What Alex West learned from launching 19 projects in 2 years.

Mar 24 • 49:10

Alex West (@alexwest) has a goal - to achieve personal and financial freedom. ...

Growth Lessons #5 - How Mike Rubini builds and runs multiple profitable tech startups as a solo founder.

Jun 19 • 43:34

Ever been told you need to stop experimenting, pick one idea and focus on it? I get told this every week....

Growth Lessons #4 - How Andrew Davison built a $7k-a-month agency in 18-months.

Jun 1 • 23:29

In this episode I talked to Andrew Davison who has an interesting story of finding a lucrative niche as a freelancer and then building upon that by starting a Zapier agency....

Growth Lessons #3 - How a simple email newsletter became a $350k-a-year side-hustle in just 20 months.

May 17 • 26:13

I recently came across Dan on Twitter and reached out to him for an interview. He was super friendly and open with his advice....

Growth Lessons #2 - How Brett Friedman sources and automates high-quality content to generate leads for @marpipeofficial.

May 8 • 34:55

One recurring theme I’ve noticed from a lot of founder stories is the importance of producing content. Content helps you to build an audience, which then makes it easier to launch a business. The problem is, producing content is time consuming when there are so many other things to focus on. ...

Growth Lessons #1 - How Spectora went from 0 to $20k MRR in its first year by disrupting a niche market.

Apr 28 • 27:23

In this episode, my first ever podcast(!), I talk to Kevin Wagstaff, founder of Spectora, a SaaS startup which went from zero to $20k MRR in its first year building software for home inspections. It’s a fascinating story which touches on topics close to my heart - the power of choosing an underserved market, and having laser customer focus. I apologise the sound quality is...

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