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Welcome to Growth Leap, a Stun and Awe podcast that looks into how business builders are designing and growing their companies for performance and impact.

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Wefox Fabian Wesemann on the inner game of entrepreneurship, culture, and the journey to a $3-billion valuation

Oct 3 • 36:45

After a long and well-deserved summer break we're back in full force with another season of Growth Leap and we have somebody very special to kick things off....

Growth Hacking Secrets with Angel Investor and Growth Expert Alexej Habinski

May 17 • 34:58

Today’s guest is Alexej Habinski, a multifaceted growth expert who has developed his growth hacking craft at Rocket Internet and later at foodora (later acquired by Delivery Hero). Alexej was Global Director of Performance Marketing & Rider Growth there and scaled annual GMV turnover from close to €0 to >€500M. ...

APX Joerg Rheinboldt on building a successful VC-backed business, attributes of winning teams, and why people need more serendipity

Apr 15 • 40:00

Today’s guest is an entrepreneur, investor, author, and mentor every German entrepreneur looks up to. He founded alando, which was acquired by ebay,  then ran ebay Germany for 7 years. ...

Notion's EMEA GM on how to Grow a Series B Startup Internationally

Feb 10 • 42:10

Notion is shaping the work-from-home revolution, by offering an application that simplifies and declutters your digital home office. Think of it as an all-in-one workspace for notes, docs, wikis, projects, and collaboration. 

The company is on the fast-track to becoming the new normal and its recent presence expansion in EMEA and APAC is a testament to this. 

Here to discuss...

Disruptive partnerships: How to make your startup more sustainable using the SDGs.

Jan 27 • 36:54

Isn’t there a fundamental conflict between running a business and solving global problems? Our guest today doesn’t think so. He believes that designing innovative partnerships can accelerate the development of sustainable businesses.
Nadim Choucair is Founder of 2030 Cabinet, an impact-oriented ecosystem builder and partnership architect. His goal: to enable sustainable in...

From launch to successful exit in less than two years with bootstrapped startup expert Arvid Kahl

Jan 14 • 01:04:39

If you’re interested in building a startup that works like clockwork, you need to listen to our guest today. He’s done it, and he’s done pretty much everything right. He co-founded, a SaaS startup and went from launch to selling it in just under two years. Arvid Kahl is an entrepreneur, investor, author, software engineer, and bootstrapped startup expert....

Launching a Bitcoin Startup During the COVID-19 Crisis with Coinmiles Founder & CEO Dave Pouliot

Dec 16 • 39:45

If you don’t own any Bitcoins yet, this episode is for you. We talk to Dave Pouliot, Founder and CEO of Coinmiles, a Montreal-based startup that gives you free Bitcoins when you shop online. Dave is a former detective and lawyer turned tech startup founder. He’s extremely authentic. He’s passionate about cryptocurrency and the positive impact it can have in our society. Da...

Kleiderly’s Alina Bassi on running a purpose-driven startup and building a circular fashion industry

Nov 5 • 31:49

Our guest today isn’t afraid of challenges. She founded a startup to take on not one, but two sustainability problems. Alina Bassi is Founder and CEO of Kleiderly, a Berlin-based startup that aims to reduce the fashion footprint and the usage of oil based plastic by replacing it with its patent-pending sustainable plastic alternative. She’s a Google for Startups Female Fou...

Raising $3.5M from Mark Cuban, Twitter, and Zynga to fight online misinformation with AI

Oct 8 • 42:15

Today’s guest made it his mission to reduce online misinformation & abusive content from the internet. Dhruv Ghulati is Founder and CEO of Factmata, a London-based tech startup who uses unique algorithms to score and classify content. Since 2017 he has raised 3.5 million from the likes of Mark Cuban, owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, but also from the Founders of Zynga,...

Understanding the environmental impact of your online shopping with Neutral Co-founder Marissa Liu

Sep 10 • 35:33

In this episode, our guest wants to bring transparency to the environmental impact of our online shopping. Marissa Liu is Co-Founder of Neutral, a browser extension that allows users to understand and offset the CO2 emissions generated by the products they buy online. The startup is on a roll. Neutral has been selected by the Mozilla Builders Incubator and was recently fea...

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