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Grownups Read Things They Wrote as Kids

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Remembering the good, the bad, and the awkward parts of growing up

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"I don't feel like celebrating" (Anniversary Special)

Dec 30 • 01:06:23

It’s our final episode of season 6, and the 13th anniversary of Grownups Read Things They Wrote as Kids. To celebrate, we revisit some of our all-time favourite readings from the archives....

"Hugs and kisses aren't enough" (Toronto)

Dec 16 • 36:41

Holly gets her friends out of jail, Vince lists his favourite things, Peggy crushes on Matthew Perry, and much more. Recorded live at The Royal Cinema in Toronto....

"I'm writing this stark naked" (Montréal)

Dec 2 • 33:17

Dan hates camp, Amanda gets naked in the rain, Ash has a crush on a barista, and much more. Recorded live at La Sala Rossa in Montréal....

"Mr. Sexy wears a thong" (Moncton)

Nov 18 • 33:43

Amanda stinks up her school, Kate imagines a US-Canada war, Kayla describes Mr. Sexy, and much more. Recorded live at The Caveau in Moncton....

"I need adventure" (Kitchener)

Nov 4 • 33:25

Rachel predicts the future, Tim carries a knife, Sara compares Lucy Maud Montgomery to Stephen King, and much more. Recorded live at TWH Social in Kitchener....

"Kissed by a wet donkey" (Saskatoon)

Oct 21 • 28:48

Corrinne wants a pet gerbil, Heather wants to see balls, Lauryn wants to run away from home, and much more. Recorded live at The Broadway Theatre in Saskatoon....

"We only want each other for the kissing" (Toronto)

Oct 7 • 33:10

Emilia recounts her first kiss, Michelle tries to guilt her parents, Natalie recognizes the importance of eye health, and much more. Recorded live at the Royal Cinema in Toronto....

"Atomic fart blasts" (Halifax)

Sep 23 • 36:44

Amy laments being a pre-teen, Krista writes a letter to her future self, Carolyn’s rabbit dies, and much more. Recorded live at The Carleton in Halifax....

"Hottie Hunter" (Victoria)

Sep 9 • 30:04

Marissa goes hottie hunting, Anna dislikes piano lessons, Jeni writes an unauthorized sequel to a 1964 young adult novel, and much more. Recorded live at the Victoria Event Centre in Victoria....

"Mr. Sexy Legs" (Vancouver)

Aug 26 • 36:06

Carol watches Titanic, Alan shares a pun-filled geography lesson, Ev contemplates success and failure, and much more. Recorded live at The York Theatre in Vancouver....

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