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Growing As Grown-Ups


Just because you’re a grown-up, it doesn’t mean you’re done growing. We want to demystify the ways we keep growing as grown-ups by sharing with you what both science and experience has taught us.

Popular episodes

Episode 32: Finding Your Center of Gravity with Dr. Nancy Popp

Nov 23 • 59:24

In this episode, Dr. Nancy Popp goes deep on vertical development based on her 35+ years of studying and assessing where people are on the journey. She is one of the foremost experts on the subject-object interview method, which is how we assess Leader Levels. 

You will feel like you're sitting in on a college developmental psychology class as Keith and Nancy paint a pictur...

Episode 31: The Evolving Self with Dr. Robert Kegan

Nov 9 • 01:13:20

n this episode, Dr. Robert Kegan shares wisdom and personal stories drawn from his more than forty years of research and writing on adult development.  From caterpillars to poker to faith, Robert addresses the gift of our potential to grow, and ultimately our endeavor not to die....

Episode 30: Success Mindsets w. Dr. Ryan Gottfredson

Oct 26 • 01:01:08

You've no doubt asked the question (or at least thought about it!) - what do leaders need to do to be effective? The thing is, leadership isn't just about doing the right thing, it's also being someone people want to follow....

Episode 29: Work-Life Balance with Dr. Julie Wayne

Sep 28 • 52:46

When it comes to work-life balance - do you think of ‘balance’ as a noun or a verb?...

Episode 28: Living a Productive (& Soul-Focused) Life with Theresa Ward

Sep 14 • 48:59

This week, Dr. Sara Musgrove sits down with Theresa Ward to unpack the question...Theresa loves to find the balance between creative concepts and diligent details – it is encoded in her DNA! She has dedicated her career to bridging gaps from brainstorms to finish lines. She embraces work that involves both big-picture strategies and rigorous roll-up-the-sleeves tasks. Don'...

Episode 27: Fuel for Growth: Values

Aug 31 • 54:41

Have you ever taken the time to consider what your life’s legacy will be? Have you put down on paper the values that are important to you and been honest with yourself about how well you are living into them? ...

Episode 26: Fuel for Growth: Responsibility

Aug 17 • 43:55

In this episode, the third in our ‘Fuel for Growth’ summer series, Keith & Sara continue the conversation and focus on moving from a position of blame to a position of responsibility....

Episode 25: Fuel for Growth: Feedback

Aug 3 • 52:30

In today's episode, the second in our ‘Fuel for Growth’ summer series, Keith & Sara focus on how we can introduce challenge and contradiction into our development equation by actively seeking out and embracing...*cue scary music*...Feedback!...

Episode 24: Fuel for Growth: Personality

Jul 20 • 58:08

In this episode, Keith & Sara pick up where we left off with Dr. John Golden to dig deeper into understanding our own personality and explore utilizing personality assessments can fuel our growth....

Episode 23: Understanding Personality (and why we're all a little bit weird!) with John Golden

Jul 6 • 51:34

Have you ever wondered why you did something? Or why someone else is the way they are? Does your personality change as you grow?...

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