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GrowCast is one of the world's largest cannabis growing podcasts, where you can hear host Jordan River sit down with some of the most educated and talented people in the cannabis cultivation industry. Tune in to hear world class expert guests take deep dives on niche growing subjects like lighting,Read more

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Best Black Friday Deals, Chicago GC Event, Worldwide December, and Other Updates

Nov 24 • 05:52

Quick but powerful updates from the world of GrowCast! Best Black Friday GC Deals:...

Insect Pest Reproduction, Thrips in Cannabis Grows, IPM, and More, with Marybeth Sanchez

Nov 22 • 42:56

**Black Friday: Photontek Lighting is offering 15% off PLUS code GROWCAST for an additional 10% off- get your brand new bar style PTK light for 25% off! One lucky Black Friday code user will even win free seeds! Email us your code**...

Rhizophagy Cycle, Microbe Testing, Teaming with Bacteria, and More, with Jeff Lowenfels and Dr. Judith Fitzpatrick

Nov 16 • 52:08

We're keeping 'Crobe-vember going strong! You all loved the last appearance by Dr. Judith Fitzpatrick, so she's back again- and this time she brought her friend Jeff Lowenfels! Jeff and Judy are both back for a second appearance, and today they dive DEEP into microbiology. Jeff talks about his new book Teaming with Bacteria, and the rhizophagy cycle that is so important fo...

Overwintering, Cover Crops, Preserving Microbiology, and More, with Queen of the Sun

Nov 8 • 51:11

Winter is coming... But 'Crobe-vember is now! You know her, you love her, Queen of the Sun is back on GrowCast! Today we are discussing the approach of winter, and what that means to outdoor cannabis farmers- as well as microbes in the soil. Alexandria talks about overwinter cover crops, and why it's so important to keep that biology thriving in the soil through the winter...

Understanding Soil Biology, Analytical Home Testing, and More, with Dr. Judith Fitzpatrick

Nov 1 • 48:06

It's Crobe'vember all month long here at GrowCast, and we're focusing on MICROBIOLOGY! Today's guest is Dr. Judith Fitzpatrick from the Microbiometer team (code growcast), and she's here today to dive deep into home microbe testing. Judith starts by talking about her incredible background experience in the medical testing field of all things, and how her many advances in t...

BONUS EP: Brett from Heart and Soil talks Skunk Hunt, Afghan Punch, Landrace Genetics and More!

Oct 29 • 53:30

Once again we have powerful friend of the show Brett from Heart and Soil back on the podcast! Tune in to hear all about his new afghan punch line as Heart and Soil starts taking their own crosses to the next level. Brett goes into detail on several crosses, including the wild Freakshow and Siberian landrace genetics he's included. Brett goes on to talk about his upcoming s...

Humic Acids, Certifications, and Dirty Ag Secrets, with Dr. Coco

Oct 25 • 49:07

You know him, you love him! From Dr. Coco returns for another eye-opening episode about cultivation! Dr. Coco begins by goin' off on home grown plants (of various species) versus large scale agriculture produce- and shares a very poignant and analogous story about how tomatoes are harvested, treated, and processed for sale in the USA. This leads to...

GCTV Live on YouTube Tonight, Spots Open for Next Level Clone Class, and More Updates!

Oct 20 • 03:46

Some quick updates! GrowCast TV (our member web show) will be streaming live from YouTube tonight at 6pm Pacific, 9pm Eastern! Subscribe to and hit that bell, come see the most stupendous show in cannabis cultivation! Queen of the Sun will be tonight's GCTV Guest- so you don't want to miss this one... Our cloning class workshop scheduled for thi...

Worldwide Cannabis Cultivation, Strain Reviews, 24 Hour Streams, and More, with High on Homegrown

Oct 18 • 59:20

The entire crew from the High on Homegrown Podcast as well as Percy's Grow Room return to GrowCast for a raucous round-table episode! Join all our guests today to smoke up and connect on the universal topic of cannabis. The panel discusses the growing scene and legislation in their respective locations (from Canada to Ireland and beyond) and how various cannabis cultures d...

Autowatering, Blu Mat Tips and Tricks, Large Scale Sustainable Ag, and More, with Michael from Sustainable Village

Oct 11 • 40:46

**SaViNgS aLeRt** For a limited time, code: GROWCAST is now LIVE at for 10% off your Blu Mat auto-watering system and much more! Big thank you Michael for our own GROWCAST savings code....

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