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Meaningful growth is hard. In part, because most of us don’t have amazing people to learn from. Grow Big Always is a weekly discussion-oriented podcast where host Sam Lawrence gets to the bottom of the uncomfortable, private, often surprising journeys unusual people have taken to achieve bigRead more

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This heart-melting lawyer will make you rethink non-traditional love

Sep 11 • 42:28

It’s so easy to cast judgement on other people and their relationships. I know I’ve been guilty. It’s so easy to do. I’m also guilty of feeling like our culture is finally getting more open-minded with recent advancements in LGBT rights and our long war on civil rights. But then I look around the media alone and realize just how divided and polarized everyone still is. ...

Big Pharma will fall like Media, Music and Money with Neurohacker’s Jordan Greenhall

Jul 17 • 47:14

I guess I hadn’t stopped to think that one reason why government seems so insane right now is that the “governing” they’re trying to manage across wealthy, huge institutionalized structures like music, media, money, pharma, education, transportation— are fast becoming super-decentralized. All of them are fast evolving due to a tectonic shift in control. In this way, Govern...

Why time flies with The New Yorker's Alan Burdick

Jun 19 • 43:06

Experiencing time pass has to be one of the weirdest things. It surrounds everything around us yet is incredibly inconsistent. One moment it’s molasses slow, the next it was like it was never there. ...

Why your ancestors had perfect teeth with paleoanthropologist Peter Ungar

Jun 12 • 38:08

Before a lot of expensive orthodontic work, my mouth was an accordion of crowded teeth in the front and impacted teeth in the back. I remember being a kid thinking about having my wisdom teeth extracted and thinking how unnatural it seemed. Honestly, it’s not a topic I spent too much time thinking about after I had all my work done. In fact the entire dental marketplace of...

How to practice extreme intimacy with Dominatrix-to-the-stars Jenny Nordbak

Jun 5 • 45:10

When you boil it down, all of us want super intimate relationships. But how do we get there? Especially with our loved ones?  There’s not much out there to model from. Hard to learn from your parents. It’s not like there’s a class in school on how to have intimate relationships or even what to look for. Really, there’s not any kind of guidance. We’re all grasping at straws...

Free-range vs. institutionally-schooled kids with unschooling advocate Dayna Martin

May 22 • 46:26

For those of you following this is my second time raising a family. I have two sons in or near college and a two year old. Every since my two year old was born, I’ve watched my wife continually blown away at how critical, cookie-cutter and unnatural our society is in contrast with our perfect little boy. The good news is, I’m married to someone willing to do things "our wa...

How to negotiate with people you love with FBI Hostage Negotiator Chris Voss

May 15 • 40:21

The images we all have when it comes to negotiation are combative lawyers, confrontational car salesman or maybe the pit-sweats we’ve all had when asking our boss for a raise. While it’s true those things are negotiations, all of life is a negotiation. Those people who are closest to us— our spouse, parents, kids or friends— you’re negotiating with them all the time. ...

The Inevitable Future of Jobs with Wired Founder Kevin Kelly

May 8 • 44:29

Everyday in the media is an article about jobs— how they’re disappearing for the middle class, how robots and artificial intelligence are stealing them, how the Gig-Economy is forcing people to do mundane tasks for less money. How true is it that our jobs are disappearing and how much is technology to blame?...

Why all your facts are fiction with Mixed Mental Artist Hunter Maats

May 1 • 49:14

It’s a fact that god created the universe, reality is in three dimensions, India is a developing country, you need to drink 6-8 glasses of water a day, that when you meet the right person it will be true love, and if you eat fat you’re going to get fat. These are indisputable facts. There’s no place for opinion, or feelings in any of this, right? If you opened your brain a...

Polyamory might be the next big social movement with author Carrie Jenkins

Apr 24 • 42:01

Love is life’s biggest virus of the mind. We live and die for it. Make major decisions because of it. And completely don’t understand it. “It’s complicated” is an understatement. We’re handed a script about what love really means and should be from the time we’re children. Our fairytales are pretty clear: you’ll meet someone and be swept off your feet, have babies and live...

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