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Grow & Thrive: A Call to Action


On this show, hosts Mos' Okediji and Bri Amarillas at Intuit, provide marketers and communicators with the most cutting edge ways of thinking about and engaging in the craft of marketing and communications. They talk to internal leaders, external influencers, and challenge you, the listener, with aRead more

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Grow your Career, "Outside the Box"

Dec 1 • 32:11
Marketing is challenging and a competitive career, and it's easy to get lost in the shuffle. You might feel like you need to be on track, get the promotions that your boss did, stay in your lane to succeed. And often, there is this misconception that the only way to grow is up. However, we know that true innovation often means zigging while others are zagging. In this epis...

Kickstarting Growth with Product-Market Fit

Nov 11 • 30:09
Whether at a startup or an established organization, marketers see products fail all the time. According to today’s guests, that’s largely because there wasn’t a product/market fit from the start. Sean Ellis, a podcaster and marketing expert who helped grow companies like Dropbox and Eventbrite; and Ben Blank, Innovation and Product Leader at Intuit, join hosts Bri Amarill...

Driving Growth through Meaningful Customer Experiences

Aug 2 • 26:18
Marketers and communicators have access to an ever-expanding selection of marketing technology to solve customer problems and unlock business growth. But, with so many tools in the market, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. It’s important to have a clear understanding of which technologies are most fundamental to their business goals, and what can drive growth. Kiki Burton is...

Top Trends that will Shape the Future of B2B Marketing

Jun 11 • 29:28
It's challenging to predict the future. As Marketers or Communicators, it's easier to default to continue following trends that are already in motion. Ty Heath, director of market engagement at the B2B Institute at LinkedIn, says that instead, as we look ahead to the next decade, we should think about bold, contrarian ideas. The trends LinkedIn identified include the "war ...

What Every Marketer Should Know About Go-To-Market Strategy

Apr 8 • 37:07

Developing Effective Marketing Strategies for the Latinx Audience

Mar 2 • 26:59
It's vital to know how approach underserved audiences – how to identify them, how to find them, and how to get your message to them efficiently and effectively.

As markets continue to segment further and further, it can feel overwhelming trying to figure out where to focus your energy for the best payoff and to reach the relevant audiences. Guest Maria Twena, Partner and Gl...

Building Resilience for the Year Ahead

Jan 8 • 37:40

Customer-Driven Experimentation

Nov 2 • 39:17

Influencing the Product Roadmap

Oct 26 • 33:18
A very important part of marketing communications is our understanding of customers, what customers want, and how to align your products to their needs and how they buy. This episode will cover how Marketers can influence the product roadmap and discuss different approaches to bringing innovations to market. Intuit’s Jessy Hanley, who spent time in marketing and retention ...

Delivering Personalized Experiences with AI

Oct 1 • 38:15

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