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Grey Matters, with Steve Dotto


Remaining Relevant in the Digital Age, for Baby Boomers and GenX.

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Figuring Out Your Business Focus - GM70

Jun 3 • 52:14

This is the episode of Grey Matters that every person thinking about starting a business - or succeeding in their existing business - should listen to right now. The alternative may mean months or even years of focusing in the wrong direction....

Reality Bites (Literally) - GM69

May 27 • 32:22

These week's news updates by Steve and Rachel will really give you something to sink your teeth into (pun intended). In a special episode focused on current events in business, social, and technology, you'll get informed even as you're wondering what exactly this world is coming to today....

5 Daily Drivers - GM68

May 20 • 51:51

Apps come and go, and our daily needs constantly evolve. There are probably a few apps you use on a daily basis that, while you may have never heard of them a year ago, you couldn't imagine living without today. ...

Shifting Focus After a Pandemic with Mike Vardy - GM67

May 13 • 01:04:22

What does the guy who lives and breathes productivity do to adapt focus when a pandemic hits? You're about to find out, and possibly feel better about the challenges and solutions you've experienced as the world turned topsy-turvy. ...

Is Passive Income a Pipe Dream? - GM66

May 6 • 01:02:35

If you're heard the term "passive income," you've probably also imagined yourself relaxing on a private beach while dollar signs float dreamlike above your head. It sounds amazing, but is passive income realistic? In this episode of the Grey Matters podcast, Steve Dotto challenges our perceptions of passive income, which may range all the way from thinking of it as a pipe ...

How to Reclaim Your Time - GM65

Apr 29 • 01:10:25

Ever imagine how you look and then see a picture which jars you back into reality? How we spend our time - or think we're spending it - often works the same way: our perception can be way off from reality. In this episode of Grey Matters, Steve shares how you can honestly learn how you're spending or misspending your time and, more importantly, how to get it back!...

Writing IS Doable with Vicki McLeod - GM64

Apr 22 • 01:06:05

Staring contest between you and a blank page... Ready? Set? GO! ...

Be a Pro with Online Payments - GM63

Apr 15 • 54:37

"Make money online," they said. "It'll be easy!" they said. Sure, but to make money online you need to know how to handle money online. Listen in to this episode of the Grey Matters podcast to learn what you need to manage online transactions for your business!...

Podcast with a Purpose featuring Tod Maffin - GM62

Apr 8 • 01:01:01

Ever start something without a clear goal or outcome in mind and it winds up being fabulous? This week's episode features a podcaster who took an idea and grew it into a vehicle that's driving full speed ahead... even if the destination is unknown!...

The New Normal - GM61

Apr 1 • 01:00:41

One year. That's the milestone we just hit to mark a full year of life with a global pandemic. Did any of us foresee that we'd still be coping with the upheaval brought to us by COVID-19? In this episode of Grey Matters, we reflect on what's changed - temporarily or permanently - and how we're handling the transformation....

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