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Leviathan Episode 4 - Dinner

Nov 29 • 59:50

I don't care what you call our adventurers as long as you call them for dinner. Not this dinner. It is bad....

Leviathan Episode 3 - The Unseen

Nov 22 • 48:01

The reality of their situation sets in and the adventurers have no other choice but to go deeper into this lost city. And who knows what they will uncover when they realize they are no longer alone....

Leviathan Episode 2 - Trapped

Nov 15 • 56:17

Our adventurers are in danger and things are not as they appear! Surely, it is simply a trick or low level trap and nothing more. Have no fear, with team work and patience nothing is impossible....

Leviathan Episode 1 - Into the Depths

Nov 8 • 53:19

Welcome to our mini-campaign! A little eight to ten episode arc involving brand new characters AND a new guest DM - Fred Greenleaf!...

The Listenersode!

Nov 1 • 01:22:16

With the end of campaign one behind us we wanted to hear from you! We have both emails and vmails containing your wonderful thoughts. Thank you so much to folks who wrote in and thank you so much to folks who called in! Really filled our heart with joy : )...

End of Campaign 1 - Cast Retrospective

Oct 25 • 01:18:12

After almost exactly 9 years of playing through such an epic campaign the cast sits down and reflects on the journey. And what a journey it has been! Things get a little emotional but things get a little silly but also things get a little hopeful as we maybe touch base on what comes next....

Episode 427 - A Farewell to Our Family and Friends (End of Campaign 1)

Oct 18 • 01:38:17

Over the course of the last fifteen years the lands of Drunkeros experienced great hardship and upheaval. The people of this land never gave up hope that adventurers would take up the call and become something greater - Heroes. The heroes of this land were not always correct in their decision making. They didn't always win. But, in the end, they never gave up fighting....

Episode 426 - The Luck of the Draw

Oct 11 • 01:10:16

Our heroes make some tough post battle choices in this bittersweet penultimate episode of our first campaign. We really appreciate each and everyone one of you who have joined us on this journey....

BONUS EPISODE - TFTFT: Rudolph Episode 1

Oct 4 • 01:03:10

Since there isn’t a Greetings, Adventurers! ep today, we thought we’d share Season 3 Episode one of Tales From the Foaming Tankard! Normally this is a Patreon exclusive series but we couldn’t not share the first episode with you! ...

Episode 425 - The Final Battle: The End

Sep 27 • 01:10:37

Pushed to the brink of breaking with our allies running out of life and grit the Tower of Grey finally sees some fear in one of Trants 10 eyes! Trant made horrible choice being the Big Bad Evil Guy at the end of our campaign!...

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