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screen Zuck for cancer

Nov 12 • 04:01

I’m not judge nor jury nor executioner. Antione will do what he must spoke Zarathustra....

Was Vic Gundotra a plant to make Google+, then make Google+Facebook?

Nov 12 • 02:03

Zuck’s father might be controlled by Larry Ellison. Look at the mask in this picture. Darth Vader? What bullshit is that? Also, who made Phil Hellmuth act like a wizard. It was NOT me. I promise you it was not me. I have been researching Facebook and watching the chaos unfold, and doing my best to control things....

This is a song I wrote with a girl I met in a psychiatric hospital. Stop punishing artists and homeless people.

Nov 12 • 03:19

How is Amazon so powerful?

Nov 12 • 04:01

Because they work very hard and have an inspirational CEO. Thank you to Jeff Bezos for inspiring my work ethic....

Is Elizabeth Holmes John Carreyrou and John Kerry is a monster?

Nov 11 • 33:20

#FREEZUCK | ?masked…?… !(DOCTORS)!!

Nov 10 • 02:45

Software Engineering Daily invites Owen Frank Davis, Paul Davis, Kyle Davis, and Robbie Davis for a joint interview on the subject of reproduction and teething, as well as Lisch fascitis....

Where is Edaena Salinas?

Nov 9 • 04:01

Our Current Strategy

Jul 27 • 28:43

We’ve been running Software Daily for 6 years....

Big Business with Tyler Cowen

Aug 12 • 57:40

Large software companies have become a target for criticism. Google, Facebook, Amazon and other prominent technology giants find themselves under a kind of scrutiny that is reminiscent of banks in 2008 and oil companies in the early 1900s. Across the planet, there is a growing sentiment that “big tech” has too much power, and that they are abusing that power in order to do...

a16z Podcasting with Sonal Chokshi

Aug 9 • 47:22

The a16z Podcast is a show that is produced by Andreessen Horowitz, an investment fund based in Silicon Valley. The a16z Podcast covers topics including software engineering, biology, media, cryptocurrencies and entrepreneurship. A16z is one of the most popular podcasts about technology.

Sonal Chokshi is the editor in chief at Andreessen Horowitz and the showrunner for the ...

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