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"You had the power all along my dear."- Glinda the Good WitchWe are all valuable and have abundant potential. However, there are roadblocks everywhere that bombard us and convince us otherwise. This potential in the core of our being is our inner goddess. Once we can tap into the goddess within usRead more

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Debra Eckerling – Goal Setting For Success

Nov 18 • 46:27

Everyone deserves to be happy. If you are unhappy with your job and you cannot change your job, how about finding something on the side that makes you happy so the joy can leak in? Once you have your foundation and you know what you want, from the joy you have found, you can add to it. Once you figure out what you want, you can make a plan and then turn it into reality. Ou...

Linda Babulic: Find Your Inner Wisdom With ZEST!

Nov 11 • 50:17

How do we stay attuned with our inner wisdom to fully realize our vision and connect with the goddess within us? According to Linda Babulic, all you need is ZEST! Linda is a life coach, facilitator, speaker, and author of ZEST Your Life: A Taste of Inner Wisdom. In this episode, she joins Karen Pulver and Goddess Janice to define what zest is and how we can use it to get i...

Maureen Riley: Reconnect With Your Higher Energy Self To Transform Pain Into Purpose

Oct 14 • 01:14:52

Pain can be a struggle, but it can also lead the way to your passion and purpose. With the help of an energy healer, you can work internally with your emotions and spirit to heal pain in a much more meaningful way than conventional medicine can. Join Karen Pulver and her Goddesses as they chat with Mauren Riley to share powerful insights so you could tap into your Goddess ...

Jason B. Rosenthal – Make The Most Of Your Time Here

Oct 11 • 36:31

We are all on a journey of self-discovery and part of that is making the most of the time we have with the people we love. Death and loss are a part of that journey and can reveal things we never knew about ourselves. Jason B. Rosenthal is an author, foundation board chair, public speaker, and lawyer. You may have heard of him as the subject of an essay written by his late...

DeeAnne Riendeau: Tapping Into Your Soul Records To Enrich Your Life

Sep 23 • 01:02:26

Have you ever made a family tree? Have you gone further and taken a 23andMe test to see more information about your ancestors? Wouldn't it be nice to know about how you came to be, who your ancestors are, and how you can learn from all they have gone through in life? Imagine being able to take a "spiritual 23andMe," where you could tap into your past and learn all about an...

Robert Kosch: Understand Why We Act The Way We Do For The Greater Good

Aug 26 • 38:50

We all have our subtle prejudices and our way of thinking that may be insulting to someone else. Wouldn't it be great if we could understand WHY we act and think the way we do for the greater good? This is the exact mission that Robert Kosch has. Karen Pulver and Goddesses talk to Bob about his past and his mistakes. He will take us through his journey of self-discovery fr...

HXLT- Nigel Holt: On Taking Risks And Getting Into The Flow

Aug 12 • 52:18

If there were no limitations or restrictions placed on you, what would you do in your life? Would you take a risk in the music world, or would you stay comfortable where you are? How would you get yourself into the flow? Join in the conversation as artist HXLT shares with Karen Pulver and Goddesses about his ever-flowing career as a musician. ...

Valerie Clark: Racing Through Your Fears In A Male-Dominant Sport

Aug 5 • 41:03

Everyone is afraid of something. Whether it is clowns or heights, fear is normal. But not so much for Valerie Clark. She does something that most women would be afraid to do. She's 17 years old, and she races trucks. That sport alone would make most men afraid because of accidents and whatnot. Join your host, Karen Pulver, and the Goddesses as they talk to Valerie about he...

Alison Robertson: Embracing The Self And Pursuing Enoughness

Jul 29 • 01:09:31

Understanding that you are enough is not an easy feat. For most, it takes a lot of self-reflection and affirmation to truly discover your possibilities and embrace enoughness. This is the message Alison Robertson echoes in her work and what she strives to help others with. Alison is an experienced actress, coach, and author. Her debut book, Enoughness: The Simple Truth Of ...

Elizabeth Shaffer: Caring For Ourselves So We Can Help Others

Jul 8 • 01:00:44

When we take care of ourselves, we are better prepared to take care of others. The show’s guest today is Dr. Elizabeth Shaffer, an occupational therapist at Therapeutic Innovations International. Dr. Elizabeth talks with Karen Pulver and Goddesses about how parents can care for their special needs kids without overwhelming themselves. The key is to STOP: stop, take a breat...

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