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"You had the power all along my dear."- Glinda the Good WitchWe are all valuable and have abundant potential. However, there are roadblocks everywhere that bombard us and convince us otherwise. This potential in the core of our being is our inner goddess. Once we can tap into the goddess within usRead more

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Elizabeth Shaffer: Caring For Ourselves So We Can Help Others

Jul 8 • 01:00:44

When we take care of ourselves, we are better prepared to take care of others. The show’s guest today is Dr. Elizabeth Shaffer, an occupational therapist at Therapeutic Innovations International. Dr. Elizabeth talks with Karen Pulver and Goddesses about how parents can care for their special needs kids without overwhelming themselves. The key is to STOP: stop, take a breat...

Kim Chestney: Learn How To Harness Your Radical Intuition

Jul 8 • 01:16:03

How do we discover what it is that we are supposed to do in our lives? What is that one “thing?” We are all in this journey to explore and try out different things for our lives see if they resonate with us or can be added to help enhance our lives. But do you know that we actually already have this intuition inside of us, that is, to know what that “thing” is that we want...

Sandra Rodriguez Bicknell: How To Make Your Diamond Sparkle

Jun 17 • 50:07

Forgiveness is a process of letting go. Sandra Rodriguez Bicknell, the author of Cuts of a Diamond, has lived a life of love, pain, and forgiveness. Join Karen Pulver as she sits in discussion with The Goddess of Sparkle, who teaches us about forgiveness, sharing your memoir coming from a place of helping others, and having clarity of your life and your purpose. Sandra’s s...

Jenn Kennedy: See People For Who They Are, Not What We Expect Them To Be

Jun 10 • 57:48

What questions do you have about sex and gender? What is sexual addiction/compulsion? How can speaking to a sex/gender therapist help an individual learn to have more sexual satisfaction in their lives? In addition, if an individual is recovering from childhood sexual abuse, in what ways can a sex/gender therapist also aid in helping individuals understand and cope? Listen...

Michelle Marie: Astrological Tarot – How Listening To The Stars Can Help You Live Your Best Life

Jun 3 • 45:48

What do the stars tell us? This show's guest today is Michelle Marie, an astrological tarot reader and Western & Vedic astrologer. In this episode, Michelle discusses with Karen Pulver and goddesses how stars can help us understand our behavior and that of others. When we come to a better understanding of human behavior, we then learn to change to live our best life. Do yo...

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