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Do you want to feel amazing today? Do you want to see the Goodness of God manifest in every area of your life? Then listen in! Good Morning Sunshine is created to encourage women In any season of life. Maybe you feel stuck, poor, sick in body or mind, worried, tormented by fear, feel depressed,Read more

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203 - I Commit to Myself …

Nov 17 • 20:14
Today, I openly share the commitments I have made to myself: To my future self, To my true self. These are actions that I know are for the betterment of who I am and how I desire to feel on a daily basis. I noticed there has been a void in my day to day. I have not felt complete when I was finishing up my day. I realized I had been avoiding and ignoring certain good habits...

202 - Redefining Purpose with Special Guest Donnie Tuttle

Nov 10 • 19:50
Today’s episode is about redefining purpose. The word “purpose”, at times, can make someone feel limited in their pursuits rather than doing what they truly want to do which may be multiple things and ventures. I had originally published a similar episode last week but felt that there was something I shared that I needed to clarify so I made the decision to delete that epi...

202 - Redefining Purpose and the “suppose” in Life

Nov 3 • 21:57

201 - A Lesson Learned From the Old Moldy Brown Couch

Oct 27 • 27:58
Today I share the story of my old moldy brown couch and the lesson I learned this week about co-creation and manifestation from that couch 17 years later! Our mindset is the key to changing our identity and dismantling old subconscious beliefs that have held us back from truly living a fuller, abundant life! If you’d like to reach out to me with a comment, question, or jus...

200 - Manifesting the Future with Purpose as Our True Self

Oct 20 • 27:03
Good Morning Sunshine! Today Is my 200th episode! I am sharing my heart as to what I have planned for the future in my endeavors. I dive into purpose and becoming aware of our true selves while pursuing goals and dreams. I talk about how we can pass judgment on ourselves and others but not necessarily understanding who we really are. We all have an identity that we have ca...

199 - Sharing about my trip to Vermont and Some Encouragement

Oct 13 • 17:38

198 - Spiritual Education is Important for heathy growth as Whole Beings.

Sep 29 • 25:02
Today I share how the spirit is leading me to study the history of religion and Bible. So many of us that are either in Christianity or have left our said religion may have a lot of “teachings of man” that we have taken as our own belief simply because we were told or taught how it is and what to believe. Some of us what more so we seek and knock and find answers. This is ...

197 - Being in Christ Frequency

Sep 22 • 27:40
Today I wrap up the discussion on good and evil by sharing some thoughts on the creation story and what I feel was God’s true desire for humanity. Was God both male and female? Who are we in this reality? Have we always been good and evil even before the “fall of man”? What does it mean to be in a Christ frequency? Alot of thoughts flowed on today’s episode. Thoughts that ...

196 - Discerning Good and Evil

Sep 15 • 25:41
As I continue to share about my spiritual journey today I discuss about discerning good and evil. Are we inherently good and evil? Can we entertain evil? What is good? Were we created both good and evil? How can we detect what is evil? These are questions that I’ve asked myself as I’m searching to know more about human nature and our spirit nature. If you’d like to contact...

195 - Jesus the Man with The Christ Spirit

Sep 8 • 26:54
This is somewhat of a two part topic. I share this week how I am being led into the discovery of a more understating of who Jesus the man was and who the Christ is. As a woman who has a foundation in the Christian Faith and having left the organized religion several years ago my search for truth continues on. I am always seeking and searching for truth. Today I share part ...

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