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Good Morning From Hell

Comedy • Fiction

Tune into Hell’s #1 podcast as Satan’s little brother Clayton and his “assistant,” Chris, interview Hell’s most infamous residents and chat about the ups and downs of eternal damnation. A Rooster Teeth Production.

Popular episodes

War, Famine, Pestilence, Death... and Clayton

Nov 29 • 34:19

With only one week until the battle against Heaven, Clayton has no time to horse around... that is until he's visited by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, who may just be the secret weapon Hell needs. Special Guests War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death all voiced by Cole Gallian from Rooster Teeth!...

Hates-Giving with the Pope!

Nov 22 • 32:55

With the battle against Heaven just weeks away, Clayton invites the only Pope who ended up in Hell over for Hates-Giving dinner. The plan? Butter him up and squeeze him for top-secret information that will help in the fight against God!...

How to Summon the Anti-Christ #96

Nov 15 • 22:35

Hell's Personal Trainer #95

Nov 8 • 33:27

With Hell's Army looking soft ahead of the War Against Heaven, Clayton brings in Chad Phyres to whip the military in shape and make Chris feel the burn. ...

Hobbits and Orcs and Elves, Oh My! - Featuring Tales from the Stinky Dragon #94

Nov 1 • 26:19

Berated by Brits! #93

Oct 25 • 31:45

Chris and Clayton stop by the British talk show "Morning Tea in Hell" for a quick interview/public humiliation. Special Guests Peter Tamoorgan and Loraine Scaley played by GameSpot's Tamoor Hussain and Lucy James! Get some spicy hot Hell Merch at

The Air Raid on Heaven w/ The Red Baron & the Hindenburg (Featuring Great Night) #92

Oct 18 • 37:26

Jump into the cockpit with Clayton & Chris they attack heaven from the skies with the help of Hell's most famous pilots, The Red Baron and the captain of the Hindenburg!Featuring Justin Young & Brian Brushwood from the Great Night Podcast as The Red Baron & Max Pruss....

Spying on Heaven with Benedict Arnold #91

Oct 11 • 30:28

Hell recruits one of history's greatest spies/traitors, Benedict Arnold, to sneak into Heaven for intel. Can Clayton trust his treacherous friend? Probably not. Special guest "Benedict Arnold" played by Mike Howard AKA SnowBikeMike from Kinda Funny. Grab some GMFH merch in time for Halloween!

The Sleep Paralysis Demon #90

Oct 4 • 32:36

The evil creature that paralyzes people in their sleep sits down on Clayton and Chris this week to talk about how his life, career, and the most famous celebrity he’s squatted on....

Romeo & Juliet Reunite #89

Sep 27 • 29:39

After 400 years of separation, Romeo and Juliet are finally reunited on this special episode of GMFH! Has the love of this famous couple survived the test of time, or were they just a couple of dumb, hormonal teenagers all along? Juliet and Romeo played by Rooster Teeth's Jessica Vasami and Devin Finn, respectively. Check out our merch at

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