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Tap into the minds of social entrepreneurs creating a positive impact on people and our planet so you can learn how to live a life of purpose. Dale Wilkinson, founder of goodgigs, a career platform for good, has insightful conversations with thought leaders and good humans dedicated to socialRead more

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The Latest in Social Enterprise with Cory Ames

Oct 26 • 36:53

060: Catch up on the latest trends in social enterprise with Cory Ames, CEO and Co-Founder of Grow Ensemble, a social impact media and education platform. Learn how Cory got his start in entrepreneurship and what he learned as a 22-year-old CEO....

Listen Again: How To Build a Brand of Purpose with Danny Alexander

Oct 19 • 41:49

Listen Again: Get a first-hand account of what was happening inside the walls of a toilet paper brand during the great toilet paper shortage of 2020. In this episode, we speak with Danny Alexander, Co-Founder of popular, good for the planet toilet paper brand, Who Gives a Crap. Not only is the brand good for the planet, being made out of 100 % recyclable paper and sustaina...

Listen again: The Benefits of a Service Mentality with Shawn Finnie

Oct 5 • 47:09

Listen Again: From living in his car for four months when he moved to Hollywood to helping diversify the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences membership base, our guest Shawn Finnie explains how coming from a place of service has allowed him to grow as an influential leader. Shawn also advises on how to carve out your own opportunities in the workplace, how to show ...

This Company Is On a Mission To Reimagine Waste with Bob Powell

Sep 28 • 44:58

059: How do you turn animal waste and plastic into renewable energy? Bob Powell, CEO of Brightmark, explains how his company has created technology to do just that. Bob and his team are on a mission to reimagine waste. He talks about how their technology works and how their goal is to eliminate the world's waste through circularity. Bob also shares how they've created a co...

Listen again: How To Deal With The Imposter Syndrome with Eric Nehrlich

Sep 21 • 45:00

Listen again: Do you ever have that voice in your head telling you that you're not good enough? In this episode, Dale records his session with Leadership & Executive Coach Eric Nehrlich. They discuss Dale's challenge with the imposter syndrome, and Eric takes him through a powerful visualization technique to help him become more present and control the emotions he's experi...

The Must-Know Secrets of Brand Storytelling with Kelsea Little

Sep 14 • 38:57

058: Do you know what goes into telling a good story? In this episode, we speak with Kelsea Little, Head of Brand Storytelling for GoFundMe, about her lessons on telling compelling human interest stories. We also discuss how Kelsea created this position for herself and how you can move up in your company by following her best practices for building your professional brand....

How AI Can Be Used To Prevent Heart Disease with Connor Landgraf

Sep 7 • 31:58

057: Cardiovascular disease is one of the world's biggest killers. In this episode, we speak with Connor Landgraf about how he wanted to create the Shazam for heartbeats by building Eko, a digital healthcare company that uses AI technology and digital stethoscopes to help healthcare providers give better cardiac care. We also talk about what makes a good Eko team member an...

How Tech Can Fight Child Sexual Abuse with Julie Cordua

Aug 31 • 41:47

056: Online child sexual abuse material has exploded in the age of the internet. In this episode, we speak with Julie Cordua, CEO of nonprofit Thorn. Julie helped create Thorn in 2012 as an organization focused on building technology to defend children from sexual abuse. Under Julie’s leadership, Thorn has developed products and programs deployed today in 55 countries, has...

How To Confidently Grow Your Career with David Fano

Aug 24 • 48:45

055: If you hate the job search process, you're not alone. In this episode, we speak with David Fano, Founder & CEO of Teal, about making the job search not suck. Fano is a repeat founder & entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience building products & services to help people leverage technology and achieve more with less. Fano is focusing his passion on empowering people w...

The Secret To Building Successful Partnerships with Karen Goldfeder

Aug 17 • 36:13

054: Have you been struggling to bring in business for your social impact campaign? We speak with Karen Goldfeder, former VP of Business Development of DoSomething, about effectively finding and doing cold outreach to potential clients, donors, or partners. Karen also breaks down what a business development professional does and how it differs from a sales position. ...

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