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Good Kids

We get better instructions for putting together furniture than we do for raising actual human beings. And that doesn’t even account for how to do it amid a global pandemic and civil/political unrest. That’s why Season 2 of Good Kids features a compelling mix of perspectives on child-rearing — fromRead more

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Listen to This: Here Lies Me

Nov 3 • 28:58

Middle school will bury you. Or at least that’s how it feels to 13-year-old Noa as she endures the horrors of periods, crushes, eighth grade and... murder. Written by award-winning podcaster Hillary Frank, Here Lies Me is an immersive and sound-rich YA podcast for teen and adult fans of PEN15, Big Mouth, and Stranger Things. From Lemonada Media....

Listen to This: New Day

Sep 15 • 21:29

Every week on New Day, we’ll find one new way to make life a little better. So many of us are suffering in silence. Maybe you're successful but miserable at work. Perhaps you have the perfect family on Instagram, but you're at each other's throats IRL. Maybe you can’t even put your finger on what feels weird - but you know you deserve more. Whatever it is, you’re not alone...

Listen to This: I’m Sorry

Aug 27 • 09:05

This is a podcast about apologies. Each week, our hosts unpack the latest and greatest in Twitter gaffes, petty beef, and not-so-subtle shade. Forgive? Forget? Or cancel? Listen to comedians Hoja Lopez, Mohanad Elshieky, and Kiki Monique process our public and personal controversies together. Let’s debate when to let stuff go and when to say I’m Sorry.  ...

Listen to This: Good Grief

Aug 3 • 14:40

It’s a fact: death is inevitable, and so is grief. It can stop us in our tracks, regardless of the amount of time that's passed. Good Grief is a six-part, sixty-minute binge of true, short stories that immerse us in the grieving process, find healthy (and avoid unhealthy) ways to cope, and even share a few laughs. Comfort, community, and catharsis guide this audio portrait...

Listen to This: Written Off

Jul 14 • 15:01

Walter Thompson-Hernández speaks with formerly incarcerated young writers whose work will be read over the course of the season by creatives like John Legend, Issa Rae, Yvonne Orji, Karamo Brown, Jay Ellis, Keke Palmer, Julio Torres, and Jesse Williams. Vulnerable poems and honest stories play out against a tailored soundtrack with original music. From Lemonada Media and B...

Introducing In the Bubble: Our Shot

Jun 16 • 22:15

Andy Slavitt, President Biden’s Senior Advisor on COVID-19, is back from the White House to his chair on the award-winning In the Bubble podcast. Just as he took us through the pandemic, this 10-week series called Our Shot is about leading us out. It’s an insider’s guide for getting closure on what happened, how we emerge, and what must come next. Andy is joined each week ...

Teen Mom, Good Kid

Apr 20 • 11:46

Nicole Lynn Lewis shocked family and friends when she told them she was pregnant her senior year of high school. “I was this honor roll student who was so involved and I had a very clear sense of what I wanted to do with my life. And then all of a sudden I'm pregnant.” Nevertheless, she made a promise to her mom that she'd go to college no matter what. Hear how Nicole went...

Let's Talk About Racism

Apr 13 • 10:49

Tabitha St. Bernard-Jacobs, activist, organizer, and artist, talks about how to raise anti-racist children, both in the wake of George Floyd’s murder and long-term, when police brutality and racial injustice have left the news cycle. She provides actionable steps for parents who don’t know where to start, including educating yourself, asking critical questions, and showing...

'Just Say No' Doesn't Work

Apr 6 • 12:25

Jessica Lahey, writer, teacher, and public speaker, opens up about her lifelong relationship with alcohol: growing up with an alcoholic parent, becoming an alcohol peer counselor in college, and realizing that she, too, had become an alcoholic in her 40s. “It's really hard to admit that something you tried to stay away from your whole entire life has snuck up on you throug...

How a Palm Reader Revealed My Family Secret

Mar 30 • 11:39

Nicole J Georges always felt like an outsider in her family. She didn’t look like anyone else. Everyone was taller than her. But at 23 years old, a chance encounter with a palm reader changed her life in an instant. “I had grandparents that were looking for me. I had brothers and sisters I never knew about.” Plus, Nicole’s advice for teens who feel like the black sheep of ...

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