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From long-lost Viking ships to kings buried in unexpected places; from murders and power politics, to myths, religion, the lives of ordinary people: Gone Medieval is History Hit’s podcast dedicated to the middle ages, in Europe and far beyond.

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Ibn Fadlan: The Real 13th Warrior

Nov 30 • 44:00

Ibn Fadlan might be familiar to many based on modern-day renditions from films such as The 13th Warrior. Ibn Traveled from Bagdad to Russia, journaling his encounters and cultural observations. Amazingly his manuscripts were preserved, but what do we know about him? In this episode, Cat is joined by historian Tonicha Upham who specialises in Arab Sources. Tonicha delves in...

How To Live Like A Monk

Nov 27 • 35:58

Monks. We know that they dedicated their lives to serving God, but what did it mean to be a Monk? In today's, episode Matt is joined by the Five-Minute Medievalist, Danièle Cybulskie. Author, historian, and Podcaster (to name a few), Danièle is well known to many Medieval history enthusiasts. We explore the lives of Monks, from mindfulness to identity and purpose. What can...

Who Decides What Is Treasure?

Nov 23 • 34:45

Discoveries are becoming quite common in today's society, from the Crusader's Sword Lost at Sea to the small gold bible recently discovered by a metal detectorist which we recently covered on Gone Medieval. Many of these finds are categorised as treasures and therefore belong to the Crown. But what makes an object treasure, and what are the processes behind it? In today's ...

Changing Horizons In The Middle Ages

Nov 20 • 47:02

The Medieval periods' impact on the world and how we see it today is often overlooked. From culture, society, and technology, the horizons of England are ever-changing, but how did the medieval period contribute to these advancements? In this episode, Matt is joined by one of the most prolific voices in Medieval history, Ian Mortimer. From the element of speed, war, and ev...

Sutton Hoo: Viking Mounds & Burial Grounds

Nov 16 • 31:16

Centuries ago, an Anglo-Saxon noble was buried within a 90-foot ship in a mound at Sutton Hoo. It serves as the richest burial ever found in northern Europe to date. Discovered in 1939, not much survived of the original ship. However, an imprint of the ship remains on the earth. In this episode, Cat is joined on the ground by archaeologist and writer Martin Carver. Martin,...

Introducing: Eclipsed

Nov 16 • 04:56

Stories you never knew you never knew. From Campside Media, ECLIPSED is a new weekly narrative history podcast. Hosted by writer and internet-dweller Bijan Stephen (The Verge, The Believer), each episode features a story hidden in the shadow of another event. Lakes disappear, sailors cry, and pop stars go into battle on this season of ECLIPSED....

Digging For Gold: A Medieval Treasure

Nov 13 • 36:14

When Buffy and husband Ian Bailey went out with their metal detectors in Yorkshire, they thought they'd stumbled across a sheep's ear tag when they picked up a signal something was in the ground. A little digging and it turned out to be a piece of medieval treasure buried on land once belonging to Richard III. Join Matt as he chats to Buffy and Ian about the fascinating hi...

Vikings in North America

Nov 9 • 24:24

Five centuries before Christopher Columbus set foot in America, the Vikings had already crossed the Atlantic. Using new dating techniques, scientists studying timber buildings at L’Anse aux Meadows on the northern tip of Canada’s Newfoundland, have established the Norse settled in AD 1021, 471 years before Columbus’s first voyage. While it’s already known the Vikings lande...

The Hundred Years' War

Nov 6 • 38:58

Over 100 years of conflict, two warring nations, five monarchs on either side and countless casualties in a dispute over claims to the throne: in this episode, our very own Matt Lewis unravels the numbers. He takes us through the biggest turning points of the Hundred Years’ War chronologically, and gives us some insight into the personalities involved on the English and Fr...

The Origins Of Scotland

Nov 2 • 39:16

The Medieval period saw the advancement of many countries, evolving to the provinces in Europe that we know today; Scotland is no different. In this episode, Cat is joined by Dr. Adrian Maldonado, an Archeologist and Glenmorangie Research Fellow at National Museums Scotland. With the birth of kingdoms such as Alba, Strathclyde, Galloway, and the Norse Earldom of Orkney, wh...

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