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Listen to the latest message from GodSquad Church, where gamers all over the world are learning to win together in Christ.

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Vision Saturday: BIG Changes for 2022 | SouzyLIVE | GodSquad Church

Dec 6 • 01:06:54

Vision unites us and keeps us heading in the same direction to accomplish our mission of reaching gamers around the world. Well God has given us BIG vision and this week we share what God has planned for our community in 2022!...

MSQ: The Mission of the Church

Nov 29 • 01:04:59

 As gamers, we understand what it means to accomplish a storyline, quest, or a mission in video games. But as Christians do we truly understand the mission of the church? In this message, we dive deep into what our mission is and how God wants us to accomplish it! ...

10 Reasons to Thank God | SouzyLIVE | GodSquad Church

Nov 22 • 50:09

Hour of Honor Appreciation Service

Nov 15 • 01:03:14

How to Wait for God to Respond

Nov 8 • 46:47

Sometimes when programs on our PCs freeze up it so much easier to click end process than it is to wait for the program to respond. In the same way sometimes it can be easier to take action into our own hands rather than wait to hear from God. In this message we discuss how to wait for God to respond. ...

Digital Cocaine

Nov 1 • 50:05

The use of technology can be a great resource, but the overuse of technology can be a great burden. In this message "Digital Cocaine" we discuss the psychological and spiritual effects that the overuse of technology can have and how it may be stealing your joy. ...

Should Christians Participate in Halloween?

Oct 26 • 57:07

There are some things that the Bible clearly says are right, but other things that are wrong. Then there are things that aren't mentioned in the Bible at all. Things like Halloween. Therefore is it right? Is it wrong? Is it neither?...

Heaven Awaits

Oct 19 • 49:03

It's no secret that the world we live in is difficult. At times it can be full of hardship, hurt, and sorrow but we pray this message will infuse your soul with joy as we focus on the fact that although this earth is difficult we can be glad because Heaven Awaits....

GodTalk: Breathing Room Edition

Oct 11 • 01:11:33

As we wrap up our series, this week we take time to answer questions sent in from the community in this episode of GodTalk: Breathing Room....

A Budget that Breathes

Oct 4 • 50:21

We see throughout the Bible that God cares first about your heart, not your money. He also knows that your money affects so much of your life which is why in this message we share 3 practical and biblical tips to help you win with money God's way. ...

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