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God Hears Her explores the stunning truth that God sees you, He hears you, and He loves you because you are His. It's for women who are in the trenches of the beautiful and messy moments of relationships, work, ministry, and life. Join Elisa Morgan (author and speaker) and Eryn Eddy (founder of theRead more

Popular episodes

EP. 51: How God Redeems Brokenness (Best of 2020 with Toni Collier)

Jul 26 • 26:03

We all have moments in our past that lead to brokenness. For some, this is a recent past, and for others, childhood trauma continues to shape present reality. What brokenness—or broken people—have you experienced in your life? On this “best of” episode of God Hears Her, Eryn and Elisa revisit a conversation with Toni Collier as she reminds all of us that our past doesn’t h...

EP. 50: Mentorship

Jul 19 • 35:55

Mentorship can show up in our lives in all sorts of ways. The truth is, we’re all being advised and led throughout our lives by many different people. But how do we know who our mentors should be? On this episode of God Hears Her, Elisa and Eryn focus on the definition of mentorship, how to pursue someone worth following, and some red flags you may experience in unhealthy ...

EP. 49: Finding Freedom from Toxic People (Best of 2020 with Gary Thomas)

Jul 12 • 30:16

When you read the term “toxic people,” who comes to mind? A coworker? A family member? Someone at church? Maybe it’s a group of people who feed off of one another in the worst of ways. What makes someone toxic? What’s the difference between a toxic person and someone who’s broken and needs extra love? How do you know when it’s time to walk away from a toxic person? In this...

EP. 48: Navigating Difficult Relationships (Best of 2020 with Patricia Raybon)

Jul 5 • 23:10

How do you navigate difficult relationships? How do you handle deep disagreements with people you love? What does it look like to deal with conflict when the person you’re at odds with is a family member or a close friend? On this “best of”  episode of God Hears Her, Eryn and Elisa revisit a previous conversation with Patricia Raybon as she shares her story of navigating a...

EP. 47: Jesus, Justice, and Women (with Tiffany Bluhm)

Jun 28 • 40:39

Have you ever found yourself in a place where you felt convicted to stand up for someone being oppressed? Or maybe you’ve felt a strong desire to be an advocate for them but you couldn’t seem to find your voice? On this episode of God Hears Her, Tiffany Bluhm joins us to explore the path of finding our voice when we find ourselves in a place of injustice. She’ll also share...

EP. 46: Feeling Out of Place (Best of 2020 Amy Boucher Pye)

Jun 21 • 23:25

Whether it’s a big move, the end of an important relationship, or a child going off to school, we have all experienced transition. On this “best of” episode of God Hears Her, Eryn and Elisa share a previous conversation with author Amy Boucher Pye when Amy discusses how God led her through a major life transition of her own....

EP. 45: When We Feel Invisible (Best of 2020 with Robert Gelinas)

Jun 14 • 26:06

Feeling unseen, unheard, and invisible is something many of us struggle with. In this week’s “best of” episode of God Hears Her, Eryn and Elisa revisit their conversation with Robert Gelinas as he describes overcoming feelings of being invisible and introduces us to Hagar and the God who sees and hears her and us....

EP. 44: The Comparison Trap (with Bree Rostic)

Jun 7 • 34:25

You may have heard it said, “You become what you think.” So what happens when all of our thoughts are focused on comparing ourselves with others? Join Eryn and Elisa on this episode of God Hears Her as they talk to Bree Rostic about the dangers of comparison and how God uniquely created each one of us....

EP. 43: Faith and Feelings (Best of 2020)

May 31 • 24:50

Have you ever had one of those days? Or even one of those weeks? We’ve all been there. Join us this week on this “best of” episode of God Hears Her as Eryn and Elisa discuss emotions and a way to process hard feelings with God. ...

EP. 42: True Beauty (Best of 2020 with Philip Yancey)

May 24 • 25:24

Do you sometimes find yourself overlooked or on the outside of society? Do you have a hard time believing that God sees you, He hears you, and He loves you? In this “best of” episode of God Hears Her, Philip Yancey takes us on a journey across the globe to show how God can use some of the most unlikely women to reflect His image....

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