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God Hears Her explores the stunning truth that God sees you, He hears you, and He loves you because you are His. It's for women who are in the trenches of the beautiful and messy moments of relationships, work, ministry, and life. Join Elisa Morgan (author and speaker) and Eryn Eddy (founder of theRead more

Popular episodes

EP. 69: Finding Inner Peace (with Kay Wills Wyma)

Nov 29 • 33:52

How often do you feel stressed? Frustrated? Overwhelmed? Do you feel those ways more often than you feel at peace? This world is filled with events and people that can make us feel far from peaceful. On this episode of God Hears Her, Eryn and Elisa talk to Kay Wills Wyma about feeling the real, full peace that God grants us when we lean into Him....

EP. 68: Hope that Overcomes (with Joyce Dinkins)

Nov 22 • 38:03

How do you experience hope? Maybe you’re hopeful for something? Or you have a strong hope in who God says He is? Or maybe you feel hopeless and are starting to wonder what hope even is! On this episode of God Hears Her, Eryn and Elisa talk to Joyce Dinkins, a woman that comes from a generation of people hoping for better circumstances. Joyce exemplifies this godly attribut...

EP. 67: Pursuing a Courageous Faith (Best of 2021 with Dr. Debbye Turner Bell)

Nov 15 • 32:23

Have you ever had a moment in your life where you needed to give something fully to God? The word surrender may feel a little overwhelming, but Dr. Debbye Turner Bell is a great example of what can happen when we fully submit ourselves to God’s best and accomplish something we didn’t feel we were capable of doing. Join Eryn and Elisa on this episode of God Hears Her as the...

EP. 66: Dreams and Fears (with Jade Gustafson)

Nov 8 • 34:12

When we look back on our lives, do we see the times that our dreams evolved into something we never thought they would be? What are the dreams that never worked out? What are the dreams that changed when we learned more about what we loved? On this episode of God Hears Her, Elisa and Eryn talk to a young woman named Jade Gustafson about the dreams and fears that she has in...

EP. 65: Building a Co-Missional Relationship (with Beth and Todd Guckenberger)

Nov 1 • 36:45

Have you ever felt disconnected from your partner, spouse, or someone you love? Maybe your schedules are getting busier everyday? Or do your kids distract you from paying attention to the other person? On this episode of God Hears Her, Eryn and Elisa talk with Beth and Todd Guckenberger, a married couple who decided years ago to set aside two hours a night to work on growi...

EP. 64: What We Get Wrong About Modesty

Oct 25 • 30:56

Modesty is an important and tricky topic within our church today, and as women, we are told so many different things. Most importantly, we should all remember that we are made in the image of God and that He made us beautiful. In this episode of God Hears Her, Eryn and Elisa talk through what we get wrong about modesty, while providing thoughtful insights on celebrating ou...

EP. 63: The Truth About Human Trafficking (with Heather McGannon)

Oct 18 • 31:40

On this episode of God Hears Her, Eryn and Elisa talk about a topic that most people don’t want to believe exists, even if they know it does: human trafficking. While we don’t want to believe that it’s happening around us, we need to recognize that it is and do whatever we can to spread awareness and protect the most vulnerable. Heather McGannon, who is the West Michigan P...

EP. 62: Clinging to God (with Kim Cash Tate)

Oct 11 • 34:39

Have you ever read the phrase “cling to God” in the Bible? Did you ever pause on that verse and wonder what that would look like? In this episode of God Hears Her, Eryn and Elisa talk to Kim Cash Tate, a woman who was deeply impacted by what the phrase “cling to God” means....

EP. 61: Loneliness

Oct 4 • 32:15

We’ve all felt lonely at one point or another in our lives. In many different situations or areas of our lives we may feel an overwhelming sense of loneliness. On this episode of God Hears Her, hosts Eryn Eddy and Elisa Morgan talk about different types of loneliness and even share their own stories of feeling lonely. ...

EP. 60: Becoming a Woman with Moxie (with Julie Richardson)

Sep 27 • 39:38

Who do you think of when you hear the word moxie? Who do you know that is courageous and determined? A close friend? Your mom? A mentor? On this episode of God Hears Her, Eryn and Elisa talk with Julie Richardson, a woman who learned courage and determination from her mom and from facing unforeseen personal struggles....

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