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A gaggle of gays play Pathfinder 2e, our flagship campaign Blood of Kings releases every Wednesday 9AM EST! Find us on all social media @GobletsandGays and remember to Eat Your Vegetables!

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Blood of Kings 3.08 Choices to Make

Dec 1 • 01:54:05

With the revelations about Torphine's parentage dropped on the party at the end of last session they have their heading. Time to go back to where it all began, in hopes of putting things right. Before that there are a few last things they need to do, final preparations to make. Because one they leave there is no turning back. ...

Blood of Kings 3.07 What Comes Next

Nov 24 • 02:36:40

The Gang arrives at the world tree, time to look around and cross a few things off their list. They can't get too comfortable, there is so much left for them to do. The question remains, off all the things that are going wrong which one can they fix first? ...

Blood of Kings 3.06 It's Me, Your Boy

Nov 17 • 02:24:37

The fight for Vlagos is over, but the battle for the fate of Cyrene has just begun. There is so much for the gang go to do, but later. Right now they just need to take a break and just be a group again. Some tense conversations will need to be had, but in the end they will be stronger for it. Right? ...

Blood of Kings 3.05 Now for Wrath, Now for Ruin

Nov 10 • 03:16:14

It's finally here, the battle for Vlagos. Astraea is running out of time and the gang needs to get there soon. But the fight is far from over and Talon won't give up without giving them one of the hardest fights of their lives. Can the gang save their friend and stop Talon before he puts his evil plan into motion? ...

Blood of Kings 3.04 Dumisa's Big Adventure

Nov 3 • 02:43:25

Astraea hatches a plan, the gang arrives in Vlagos to a welcoming party, and Dumsia goes for a ride. They've almost found their missing heart once more, but there is always something in the way. They will do anything to get her back. ...

Blood of Kings 3.03 Hoist the Colors

Oct 27 • 02:52:45

The gang heads to Sager to meet up with a certain Captain, while Astraea attempts a ritual. A lot has happened since the group last saw The Captain, so there was a lot to catch them up on. Including the whole missing Astraea part. Time for everyone to talk out their issues and hopefully make a breakthrough and come up with a plan to save their friend! ...

Blood of Kings 3.02 Truths Revealed

Oct 20 • 02:06:16

Astraea talks to a skull and destroys a book, Dumisa makes a promise, Marrow makes a mistake, and Illiana makes sensible decisions. It'll a little more chill as the gang take care of business and form a plan. They will get their friend back, no matter what. ...

Blood of Kings 3.01 Darkness Rising

Oct 13 • 02:33:24

We are back, time to figure out what the gang will do now that their heart is gone. Will they be able to keep it all together in order to save Astraea? Also we finally get to see what Astraea has been up to, giving us some insight into their enemy. ...

To Hunt The Moon Mini FINALE

Oct 6 • 02:10:54

DogTown is under attack! An ancient evil has awoken, the Unborn have risen. Can our party take down the bard-lich tyrant Bone Daddy? Will they even survive long enough to make it to them? Find out now!...

The Frozen Wilds of Naltulth - A 2e One Shot

Oct 5 • 02:22:22

Welcome to Naltulth, our first sponsored one shot in collaboration with Smunchy Games! Join the gang as they head out in search of a missing hunting party, only to stumble upon the viscous creatures that inhabit the world!...

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