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Goblet Of Wine: A Drunken British Harry Potter Podcast


Two British lifelong Harry Potter fans Hannah and Charlie re-read their favourite childhood book chapter by chapter with added alcohol and cynicism in fortnightly episodes! The perfect podcast for HP fans who want to revisit the story through an adult lens (AKA, NSFW), and with the added bonus ofRead more

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Ep 81 - Order of the Phoenix 34: Daddy Sorry ft. Her Dark Materials

Nov 29 • 01:21:47

New Monday, new episode. And today we have some very special guests! We're sitting down with Faye and Rachel from Her Dark Materials podcast (a podcast about His Dark Materials), aka two people that Charlie *actually* knows irl (shock horror) who also happen to have a fab podcast. We're drinking Tokay and discussing feminist wrestling, pagan festivals, goth horses, death, ...

Ep 80 - Order Of The Phoenix 33: I'm Gunna Rip My Skin Off

Nov 15 • 01:00:19

Ooft...strap in for a *heavy* episode. This episode comes with a massive trigger warning for rape/sexual assault between 16:00 and 46:00. When we're not talking about really heavy, not fun topics, we're discussing Harry's loss of innocence and my dads obsession with his talking Dobby toy, whilst drinking 'Babbling Beverages' aka Tequila, Chambord, Elderflower, and Pineappl...

Ep 79 - Order of the Phoenix 32: Ghost Of A Goat

Nov 1 • 01:19:08

Wow hi, it's another episode, one where Charlie is both hungover during recording AND writing this right now. We're reading out our hate mail (hey besties), asking to be posted the ghost of a goat, and talking about all the milking that may or may not be happening, Harry's saving people thing, how fast thestrals fly and all the fucking plot holes....

Ep 78 - Order of the Phoenix 31: WE'RE IN ALBANIA

Oct 18 • 01:16:31

A long, *long* time ago, we promised that if we ever hit 200 Patreons we would go to Albania and record an episode in a forest. WELL, we hit 200 Patreons, we went to Albania, and today's episode is coming at you from a mother fucking forest. We're drinking Greek Amstel and Albanian Brandy, and deep diving into both the modern history of Albania and how it related to Harry ...

Bonus Ep - THREE YEAR ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL: Reacting To Our First Episode

Oct 12 • 01:27:10
Somehow another year had passed up by and this podcast is now THREE YEARS OLD! If the podcast was a human it would now be walking and talking and ... doing whatever else 3-year-olds do. In today's Bonus Episode we react to our first ever episode for the first time since we posted it. We criticise our annoying voices, laugh heartily at frozen baby Harry being punted across ...

Ep 77 - Order of the Phoenix 30: Gay Beefcake Centaurs

Oct 4 • 01:13:40

Ello ello. We're back after a (very brief) break, and back with a vengeance. In today's episode, we're drinking "Irish Trash Cans", and chatting about punting students, blind casting, gay centaurs, and what subjects we would take....

Ep 76 - Order of the Phoenix 29: Buttery Nipples

Sep 13 • 01:21:15

Ola! It do be time for another episode. This ep, we're sipping on some buttery nipples (ooer) and chatting about Harry X Ginny (Hinny? Garry?), absolutely dunking on the trio, how we hate this country, and hate politics, and the police, and how we LOVE Wolfstar. Charlie talks out her arse a lot too, but what's new about that. Anyway I'm hungover so the description ends her...

Ep 75 - Order of the Phoenix 28 Part 2: So Many Dead Ft. Unbitten Podcast

Aug 30 • 01:41:38

Welcome back to ANOTHER episode starring Unbitten's Cam and Em! Once again we're having a very long, very drunken ramble. This time about how much Marietta was a dick (or not), Harry being a dick, Hogwarts (and IRL) exams, and pensieve memories. Enjoy!...

Ep 74 - Order of the Phoenix 28 Part 1: Portrait Drama Ft. Unbitten Podcast

Aug 16 • 01:01:06

It's time for another episode of Goblet of Wine and ANOTHER guest episode! Because we do love not having on any guests for 6 months and then piling them all together. In today's ep we have Cam and Em from Unbitten Podcast here to talk about (half) of chapter 28 - that's right, ONLY HALF! These idiots wouldn't shut up so we're doing TWO episodes about ONE chapter. We're cha...

Ep 73 - Order of the Phoenix 27: Horse Dick Ft. Potterless

Aug 2 • 01:19:22

The moment you've all been asking's GOW X Potterless! Yup, that's right, we're finally having Mike on the pod. With him we're chatting about chapter 27 of Order of the Phoenix whilst drinking margaritas and talking about horse dick, hermione not being like other girls, what a hypocrite Dumbledore is, and Kingsley Shacklebolt's...questionable name....

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