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Go For Broke is a podcast series about historic bubbles, the irrational enthusiasm that creates them, and the lessons we’ve learned (and the ones we haven’t) when they pop. In our first season, we’re examining the original dot-com bubble. From the meteoric rise of Netscape to the stunning fall ofRead more

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Land of the Giants: The Google Empire

Feb 25 • 40:42

In Land of the Giants: The Google Empire, Recode’s Shirin Ghaffary and Big Technology's Alex Kantrowitz explore how a company that began with idealistic goals of creative experimentation and making useful products has turned into a worldwide power with enormous impact on the way we live....

Fax to the Future

Nov 19 • 29:33

Pets.com. Webvan. Kozmo.com. All these companies met their demise when the bubble burst. But their ideas live on today, in Chewy.com, Fresh Direct, Postmates, and many other start-ups. Looking at 2020 through the lens of the dot-com crash, what's changed about the tech industry and the way we think about technology, and what's stayed the same? And are we in another bubble?...

All Work, Some Play, Mad Risk

Nov 12 • 24:01

Dot-com companies attracted a lot of people interested in working in exciting new businesses with a start-up mentality. From bike messengers delivering food ordered over the Internet to warehouse workers shipping dog collars across the country, dot-com workers embraced the short-term perks (free food! jeans at the office!) and the potential for big paydays (stock options!)...

Lighting the Stock Market on Fire

Oct 29 • 40:22

Venture capitalists and tech entrepreneurs chasing big payouts helped inflate the dot-com bubble. But other forces brought the mania to individual investors, and tried to keep the party going, even as dot-com companies started failing left and right. As Jane and Joe Schmo saw their retirement accounts plummet, who was going to take the blame?...

Fear of Investing in BlackPlanet

Oct 22 • 33:05

Before MySpace and Facebook, there was BlackPlanet. BlackPlanet.com, a social media site targeted to Black users, was immediately popular when it launched in 1999. It allowed users to create their own personal web pages, set up dating profiles, and look for jobs. But venture capitalists and other investors largely overlooked BlackPlanet during the dot-com boom. Meanwhile, ...

Netscape: The First Fleck of Gold

Oct 15 • 29:01

To examine the start of the dot-com bubble, we go back to 1995, the year technology became a part of our popular culture, just as the Internet was changing. Two key events happened that year -- Windows 95 launched with huge fanfare, making it so that the average person would use a computer at home; and a browser company named Netscape went public and quickly became worth $...

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From Sock Puppet to Flop: The story of Pets.com

Oct 8 • 38:43

What many of us remember of the dot-com era of the late 90s and 2000 were the ads, the hype. We saw a DIY sock puppet voiced by actor Michael Ian Black become the mascot for Pets.com and a pop culture celebrity in its own right. But even as the sock puppet found itself at the Oscars and the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, the company couldn't reach the same level of succes...

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Introducing Go For Broke

Oct 1 • 03:37

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