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Go Figure by Gojek


A podcast dedicated to expose the inner workings of ambitious tech companies in the emerging world. Latest episodes hosted by Kevin Aluwi, CEO and Founder of Gojek.

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GoTo New Beginnings: How it all started

Aug 23 • 52:48

Get up close and personal with our four GoTo leaders as we delve into details of their first meetings and impressions of one another. Which leaders have known each other the longest? Who describes themselves as 'relentless'? And which of the four leaders believes in fengshui? Get to know Andre, Patrick, Kevin and William in this special first episode of GoTo New Beginnings...

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GoFigure Special Edition: Ajey Gore Episode 2 (Episode Recorded July 2020)

Sep 23 • 30:06

GoFigure Special Edition: Ajey Gore Episode 1 (Episode Recorded July 2020)

Sep 23 • 36:41

We're starting off GoFigure Season Two with a heartfelt goodbye to one of our most beloved leaders at Gojek, Ajey Gore, former Gojek Group Chief Technology Officer (CTO). In this episode, Kevin Aluwi, Andre Soelistyo, and Ajey Gore talk about Gojek’s early days and what it means to be a CTO of Southeast Asia's leading technology group and a pioneer of the integrated super ...

#13 The Realities Of Becoming A Startup Founder (Episode Recorded in August 2019)

Nov 26 • 01:02:30

#14 Raising Billions: Gift Or Curse? (Episode Recorded in August 2019)

Nov 26 • 54:58

With great money comes great responsibility. In this episode, Nadiem is joined by Andre Soelstiyo (President of Gojek) and Thomas Husted (CFO Gojek) to discuss the realities surrounding the different stages of series seed funding. And find out how they essentially navigate through doing two full-time jobs simultaneously: running a company and raising money for that company....

#12 Is Design An Art Or Science? (Episode Recorded in August 2019)

Nov 26 • 58:03

#11 How 3 Founders Met In Business School And Joined Forces

Jul 29 • 56:55

#10 Fantastic Product Managers And Where To Find Them In GOJEK

Jul 15 • 01:05:08

#9 GOJEK's Growth Dilemma

Jul 8 • 01:04:48

#8 How Does GOJEK Design A Product That Actually "Fits"?

Jun 30 • 01:08:35

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