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Glitch (noun, verb, tag) — according to Adrienne, this is a coincidence, deja vu, weird feeling, tear in the simulation, interference from aliens, psychedelic experience, paranormal encounters, or just plain old thought manifestation. Comedian, writer, psychonaut, and cannabis professionalRead more

Popular episodes

Glitchin Episode 11 - Zane Helberg and a Big Reveal

Aug 19 • 52:40

Glitchin Episode 10 - Nashvegas Bachelorette Parties, Anti-Maskers, and Motivation

Jun 17 • 33:34

Adrienne is in the final stages of phasing out of her day job and entering back into the world of cutthroat comedy, podcasting, and writing. This is the first step towards achieving her goals and beginning to feel alive again. The linglitchstic word of the week is a fun one! And some interesting glitches. Message me with your glitches and questions and stay tuned for next ...

Glitchin Episode 9 - Adrienne talks Surreptitious, Her Linguistic Origins, and Leaving Her Day Job

Jun 10 • 37:26

As nutty as ever, Adrienne (am I talking about myself in the third person or writing as first person narrative? Ugh, whatever) discusses how she got roped into being a linguist, some cool words that just became words recently, linglitchstics, and the decision to take the plunge and leave her day job. Scary, right? Yes! That's the point! Now she can focus on the extremely l...

Glitchin Episode 8 - Adrienne Discusses Boundaries, OnlyFans, and Micro-dosing

Jun 3 • 33:34

If you're wondering why you haven't heard from me in a while, this will clue you in. Setting boundaries, making changes, and healing. Mentally and physically! And trying to figure out how to make money that doesn't take up so much of my time. Enjoy the linglitchstics word I chose, and the fun glitches I've had recently. And tell me yours! Intro song by Harrison Reade @read...

Glitchin Episode 7 - Solo Pod With Adrienne Discussing Dissociating, Cannabis, and Psychedelics

Feb 17 • 33:02

I'm Adrienne Airhart and I'm a stand up comedian, writer, psychonaut, cannabis professional, linguist, and ex-wife. I am bleeding on the internet as I navigate life with all of its pain, fun, and profundity. This episode is deep, talking about divorce and infidelity, glitches in the matrix, cannabis, Last Prisoner Project, and micro dosing LSD.  References in the video: ma...

Glitchin Episode 6: My Marijuana Mama Mary Jane Gibson

May 1 • 01:11:21

What a treat to have such a beautiful, multi-talented, witchy woman on the pod! Adrienne and Mary Jane Gibson talk cannabis, magic, and, of course, GLITCHES. Mary Jane discusses past lives, like working on an Alaskan fishing boat (what!), and following your intuition. Like a gorgeous onion, we peeled back her layers and found some absolute gems. Follow her on her podcast @...

Glitchin Episode 5: Digging Delanie from Selfhelpless and Dicks by Delanie

Apr 14 • 01:04:55

Delanie Fischer is one of host Adrienne Airhart's closest friends. They were roommates, Delanie married Adrienne and her (now ex) husband, and now she's killing it out there in the comedy world. The girls talk relationships, special glitches, and future goals as they reminisce about their long friendship and the things that make them happy. Follow Delanie on all socials at...

Glitchin Episode 4: Glazed + Weed & Grub's Mike Glazer

Apr 2 • 01:12:43

Mike and Adrienne have been friends for a while now, both existing in the "stand up comedians in cannabis" space for years. If you don't know who Mike Glazer is, you need to be listening to his podcast Weed and Grub, and coming to his live show Glazed in Los Angeles at the Improv. The glitches go off the rails in this episode, as the homies crawl into a cave of conspiracie...

Glitchin Episode 3: Fellow Cannabis Pro & Comedian Rachel "Wolfie" Wolfson

Mar 25 • 01:00:31

Glitchy girls giggling giddily. Host Adrienne Airhart sits down with fellow cannabis pro, comedian, and good friend Rachel Wolfson, aka Wolfie, to get weird with a beard. It's a lovely meander through the fascinating mind of the meme queen with a heart of gold. Green? Anyway, follow her @wolfiecomedy or @wolfiememes for a good time! Email to tell Ad...

Glitchin Episode 2: My Roomie Nicole Aimee Schreiber

Mar 21 • 01:20:02

Adrienne is forever swimming in the darkness, accompanied by one of the people responsible for pulling her out of her darkest spell to date. Nicole lured Adrienne to the light side and asked her to move in...and the dynamic is fabulous. The girls discuss sex, love, cheating, weird glitches, being word nerds, and Adrienne tries unsuccessfully to stump Nicole with big words....

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