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The Glitch Bottle Podcast is a Western magic and grimoire-focused show that uncorks the uncommon with magic, mysticism and the generally misunderstood.

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#105 - Esoteric Aromachology with Helena M. Alcaide | Glitch Bottle

Nov 29 • 01:18:17
What is esoteric aromachology? What does it mean to “distill” an elixir? Why is frankincense so special? How do ritual oils, perfumes and elixirs connect our consciousness to deep spiritual undercurrents? Helena M. Alcaide - aromachologist, perfumer and founder of Blazing Torch Alchemy - shares about these topics, answers your Glitch Bottle Patreon listener questions and m...

#104 - Theoretical Hermeticism with Dan Attrell and Dr. David Porreca | Glitch Bottle

Nov 23 • 01:20:46
"What is God?" (Quid est Deus?) For centuries, ancient and medieval philosophers have wrestled among themselves with all manner of questions regarding the first cause of all things, the nature of divinity, and our role in the created cosmos. For the first time in English, scholars and translators Dan Attrell (the Modern Hermeticist) and Dr. David Porreca are bringing theo...

#103 - Magic in Prison, Pagan Chaplaincy & Labyrinths with Jacqui Winn | Glitch Bottle

Nov 1 • 02:34:44
Can you burn incense or use tarot in prison? How do you acquire crossroads dirt as an inmate? What happens when someone serving time for murder walks down an esoterically-charged labyrinth? Jacqui Winn - witch, magical teacher and pagan prison chaplain in the U.K. - shares about teaching inmates magic, why intention is the most important element of ritual, challenges for ...

#102 - Medieval Rituals of Catholic Exorcism with Jason Spadafore | Glitch Bottle

Oct 27 • 01:05:15
What were the first manuals of Catholic exorcism procedures from more than 1,000 years ago? When did magical technique merge with these rituals, and what are the similarities between grimoiric magic and Catholic exorcism procedures? Former Traditional Roman Catholic bishop and author Father Jason Spadafore shares about his latest tome “Medieval Rituals of Catholic Exorcism...

#101 - Aleister Crowley's "Four Books of Magick" with Dr. Stephen Skinner | Glitch Bottle

Oct 12 • 01:03:50
Why is the reputation of occultist, magician and philosopher Aleister Crowley so notorious? What are the ‘Four Books of Magick’ and their relationship to Thelema? What are Crowley’s flaws and what is his important, impactful legacy? Internationally acclaimed author, practicing magician and scholar, Dr. Stephen Skinner, shares about his edition of Aleister Crowley's "Four B...

#100 - The Sworn and Secret Grimoire with Jake Stratton Kent | Glitch Bottle

Sep 29 • 01:19:47
What does it mean to forge an authentic, idiosyncratic magical practice from the myriad of new grimoiric research and publications dotting the landscape in the last 20 years? What are the key elements that make magical ritual work? Magician, author, scholar and grimoiric firebrand, Jake Stratton Kent, discusses these themes in his newest book from Hadean Press, “The Sworn ...

#099 - Rosicrucian Magic, Integrity and Meaning with Frater Acher | Glitch Bottle

Sep 2 • 01:22:14
What does integrity mean in magic? How can we get out of our own way and embrace connections to spirits both in formal ritual and in everyday moments? Frater Acher - experienced magician and author - shares about his latest tome “Rosicrucian Magic: Becoming Alike to the Angelic Mind”, he answers your wonderful Glitch Bottle Patreon listener questions, and so much more!

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#098 - St. Cyprian, Necromancy & Unwinding Magic with Jason Miller | Glitch Bottle

Aug 10 • 01:47:31
How does the tradition of St. Cyprian operate in the gray area between heaven and hell? Why does this current neither accept nor reject the outer religious expressions that St. Cyprian comes from? Jason Miller - practicing magician, author and strategic sorcerer - returns to share about Cyprian in his course, “The Black School”. He also answers your Glitch Bottle Patreon l...

#097 - Magical Boundaries, Fate & The Big Picture with Josephine McCarthy | Glitch Bottle

Aug 1 • 04:18:18
How do magicians pay attention to esoteric shifts and tides? What are obstacles to magical development? How do we work with setbacks and ‘failures’ in magic? The great Josephine McCarthy - author, occultist, magical teacher, and director of the Quareia magical training course - shares about these topics, answers your Patreon listener questions and much more!

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#096 - Exploring Vajrayana and Western Esotericism with Greg Kaminsky | Glitch Bottle

Jul 27 • 01:21:41
What are the connections between Western esotericism and Vajrayana Buddhism? How can we initiate ourselves into this powerful tributary and transform our fundamental engagement with reality? Greg Kaminsky - a close student of Traktung Rinpoche and a practitioner in an initiated, longstanding lineage of Vajrayana Buddhism, and host of the Occult of Personality Podcast - sh...

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