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The Glitch Bottle Podcast is a Western magic and grimoire-focused show that uncorks the uncommon with magic, mysticism and the generally misunderstood.

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#096 - Exploring Vajrayana and Western Esotericism with Greg Kaminsky | Glitch Bottle

Jul 27 • 01:21:42
What are the connections between Western esotericism and Vajrayana Buddhism? How can we initiate ourselves into this powerful tributary and transform our fundamental engagement with reality? Greg Kaminsky - a close student of Traktung Rinpoche and a practitioner in an initiated, longstanding lineage of Vajrayana Buddhism, and host of the Occult of Personality Podcast - sh...

#095 - Jinn, Angels & Islamic Esotericism with Dr. Ali A. Olomi | Glitch Bottle

Jun 28 • 02:15:43
What are the big misconceptions about Jinn, Angels and the cosmology in the Islamic esoteric tradition? What is the deep influence and wealth of wisdom that the Islamic esoteric tradition has imbued onto the European grimoiric tradition and other tributaries? Professor Ali. A. Olomi - historian of Islam and the Middle East with a specialized focus on esotericism, magic, fo...

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#094 - Magic of Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey with T. Susan Chang and Jack Grayle | Glitch Bottle

Jun 22 • 01:29:40
What is the deep esoteric and poetic force encrypted in Homer’s The Iliad and Odyssey, and how can we claim that power and integrate it into our magic and lives? T. Susan Chang (certified professional tarot reader, author, and co-host of the Fortune’s Wheelhouse podcast) and Jack Grayle (ceremonial magician, practitioner of the PGM and longtime devotee of Hekate) deeply ex...

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#093 - Clavis Goêtica with Frater Acher | Glitch Bottle

May 31 • 01:28:41
What are the keys to unlocking a more balanced magical approach in the underworld? Who are the untold magicians from hundreds of years ago who walked this path? How can we engage with spirits in skull divination? Frater Acher - experienced magician and author - shares about his latest tome “Clavis Goêtica: Keys to Chthonic Sorcery” from Hadean Press, he answers your wonder...

#092 - Restoring Agrippa’s Three Books of Occult Philosophy with Eric Purdue

May 25 • 02:08:37
What are the significant insights, corrections and restorations to Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa’s classic, The Three Books of Occult Philosophy? Eric Purdue - translator, author, practitioner of medieval astrology, and a santero (olorisha) in Lucumí/Santeria - shares about his upcoming 896-page translation of The Three Books of Occult Philosophy. It’s the first new and compl...

#091 - Ars Notoria: The Method with Dr. Stephen Skinner | Glitch Bottle

Apr 30 • 38:42
What are practical methods that unlock using ‘The Ars Notoria’ grimoire for the rapid acquisition of knowledge? What specific steps are needed in the operation, and what parts could be left out? Internationally acclaimed author, practicing magician and scholar, Dr. Stephen Skinner, shares about his upcoming tome entitled “Ars Notoria: The Method”, now available for pre-ord...

#90 - Mesopotamian Mystery Tradition with Samuel David | Glitch Bottle

Apr 19 • 01:34:52
Who are the powerful gods and goddesses worshiped by the people of the first civilization on earth - the Sumerians? How can one approach these deities and become an initiate into their magical currents? Samuel David - Mesopotamian polytheist, artist, writer, researcher, and educator - shares about his upcoming book “Rod & Ring: An Initiation Into a Mesopotamian Mystery Tra...

#089 - The Faculty of Abrac with John R. King IV | Glitch Bottle

Apr 12 • 02:38:51
Do spirit registers really matter that much? What about merging science and magic? Why is it so important to re-establish and maintain covenants with the Divine to successfully do the work? What is the deeper meaning of the 72 spirits of the Lemegeton’s Goetia? Why should more attention be paid to the role of the magician? John R. King IV - author, artist, jeweler, goldsmi...

#088 - Pentacle Crafting & Spotting Toxic Leadership with Alison Chicosky | Glitch Bottle

Mar 26 • 46:26
What are the Pentacles from the Key of Solomon, and how are they crafted, cared for and used with spiritual engagements? Also, how can teachers of the occult maintain healthy discussions with members, avoid toxic behavior and appreciate disagreement? Alison Chicosky - practitioner and scholar of the PGM, professional pentacle crafter and proprietor of the Practical Occult...

#087 - Magical Circles & Reality Tunnels with Aaron and Carrie Leitch | Glitch Bottle

Mar 13 • 02:36:52
Carrie and Aaron Leitch are both practitioners of Solomonic magic, are involved in the Golden Dawn and co-founded the online Solomonic materia magica shop, Doc Solomon’s Occult Curios. In this episode, we discuss their magical property in Florida called Solomon Springs, how magical evocations are less common than people think, magical endurance during COVID-19, Carrie’s ti...

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