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Jonah Goldberg, Ricochet's Rob Long, and Commentary's John Podhoretz discuss culture and politics.

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Nov 8 • 57:56

This week on GLoP, the guys deconstruct Dune, discuss the merits of keeping a diary, offer some opinions on Succession, and remember show runner extraordinaire  Steven J. Cannell....

E176. The Bad Part

Oct 21 • 01:05:13

This week on the world famous GLoP podcast we….start over. You’ll hear what we’re talking about when we listen and no, we will never discuss what was said, so don’t ask. Really. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t getting a generous helping of GLoP nourishment — you are. We cover Shatner’s trip to space, some thoughts about the imminent release of Dune, Chappelle, Netflix, an...

Tainted GLoP

Oct 1 • 01:21:30

It’s late in the evening on the last night of the month, so you know what that means: time for the 2nd GLoP of the month! In this installment, our intrepid pop culture guides walk us though weird mask rules, Foundation, Apple TV+ and the difficulties (for some) of finding new show, a very weird side effect of COVID and a possible breakthrough medication to treat it, the mo...

E174. Low Energy GLoP

Sep 13 • 01:04:39

As summer slides into autumn GLoP eases into a decidedly laid back edition. Rob goes from the wilds of Alaska to the beaches of the Virgin Islands while John and Jonah go from hot to cold on supposedly classic films like The Searchers, Citizen Kane and Vertigo....

E173. Unsympathetic Characters

Aug 19 • 01:07:32

It’s the rare two-headed GLoP this week as Jonah Goldberg is traveling. But that doesn’t mean it’s still not 100% fun: we’ve got some Rank Punditry® on Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie, we’ve got some views on the ScarJo dust up with Disney, we’ve got some opinions on the humongous South Park deal and why Trey Parker and Matt Stone are probably the savviest businessmen in ...

E172. The King Of The Bears

Aug 13 • 01:00:05

This episode of GLoP spans a panoply of topics, multiple locations coast to coast, health updates, political scandals, an offbeat HBO show, and some juvenile but very funny double entendres. Please bear with us as we make sure that this edition of GLoP checks all the boxes....

E171. Vertigo

Jul 28 • 01:03:36

We’re late and we know it. But there’s a good reason for it, which will be explained within. Also, we note the passing of Jackie Mason, Rank Punditize® billionaires in space, remember a certain game show from the 70’s and give some thoughts on Black Widow. ...

E170. Fan Service

Jun 30 • 59:33

It’s the end of the month and you know what that means: time for another contractually obligated episode of GLoP! This week, the guys are all over the map literally and figuratively. Just a smattering of the speaking scat demonstration in this show: Stripes, Roots, Cheers Babies, Stalin, Kim Jong-Un, Lawrence of Arabia, Mel Brooks, movies you’ve seen ten times or more, New...

E169. Full of Rage

Jun 16 • 01:06:10

This week, another tiptoe through non-sequiturs, riffs, racy stories, and long forgotten factoids and anecdotes about TV, movies, and whatever else pops into the GLoPer’s psyches.  We’ve got Liberace, Rob may be re-locating, Jonah has anger, John knows why fandom is addicting, and a story about Sean Connery and Audrey Hepburn that has a good end....

E167. Uncoherent

May 26 • 01:14:11

It’s the last week of the month, so that means it’s time for another GLoP. This week, Jonah, Rob, and John discuss the good and the bad of slinging words for living, John and Rob reveal they like to watch golf but not play it, some thoughts on AT&T unloading Time Warner, how Barry Diller went from movie mogul to selling fat pants on TV, and we get a some insight into daily...

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