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We're building a smarter, funnier, and more appealing left one episode at a time! Every Saturday, Give Them An Argument is recorded with a Zoom "studio audience." Patrons get the video right away ( and it goes out into the world as a YouTube video and a podcast on Monday.

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GTAA Season 3 Episode 19: James Lindsay is a McCarthyite Lunatic

Nov 30 • 02:08:13

James Lindsay is very very worried about communists. He sees "communists," "wokeists," "woke Marxists" and "CRT neo-Marxists" under every bed and stashed in every cupboard and he wants the government to pass laws to stamp out the threat although he also sort of thinks they control the government. (Confusing!) So Ben Burgis and the GTAA crew brought on an actual communist (...

Slavoj Zizek on Communism (& Kant Was Not a Critical Race Theorist)

Nov 16 • 02:29:51

Slavoj Zizek comes back on the show to explain what he means by "communism" and how it relates to other ideas about socialism and capitalism. Later, in the philosophy segment, Ben and (since Professor Jennifer Burgis is still sick) Matt McManus discuss the question apparently being asked in the Washington Post about whether Immanuel Kant was a Critical Race Theorist. Also,...

Season 3 Episode 15 - Ana Kasparian vs. Ben Shapiro

Nov 9 • 02:19:00

Ben Burgis and the GTAA crew watch a U.S. Senator say (really) that people who believe that man-made global warming is a serious problem are "Trotsky-like wokesters" and Ben Shapiro says climate change isn't a big deal since only a few thousand people will die. Havey J. Kaye discusses his recent Twitter run-in w/Shapiro. (Actual) friend of the show Ana Kasparian comes on f...

Season 3 Episode 13: G.A. Cohen vs. Jason Brennan (and Ben is Co-Teaching a Marx Class with Thaddeus Russell)

Nov 7 • 02:09:49

Marxist analytic philosopher G.A. Cohen wrote a book called, "Why Not Socialism?" Libertarian philosopher Jason Brennan wrote a response called, "Why Not Capitalism?" Ben Burgis and the GTAA crew debunk some claims that Brennan makes in a lecture  on all of this. Also: Ben's going to be teaching a three-week class on both books (and his larger critique of Brennan and defen...

Season 3 Episode 11: The Full Charlie Kirk Debate w/Postgame Commentary

Oct 27 • 03:41:27

Ben Burgis debates Charlie Kirk on "democratic socialism vs. Trumpian populism." Yes, that's right, we can finally air this. Ben and the crew do about half an hour of introductory material, discussing Kirk's role on the contemporary Right and the "platforming debate" as well as showing a classic TMBS clip with Michael Brooks, Matt Lech, and David Griscom weighing in on Cha...

Season 3 Episode 9 - How to Be An Anti-Capitalist in the 2020s (ft. Meagan Day)

Oct 19 • 02:11:22

Ben Burgis talks to Jacobin's Meagan Day about Erik Olin Wright's analysis in his book Class Counts of all the different (and sometimes contradictory) class positions different people can have under capitalism, and how that analysis helps us understand the current limits of oppositional groups like DSA, the class coalitions defining the PMC-dominated Democratic Party and t...

Season 3 Episode 7 - David Griscom and Matt Lech on Cryptocurrency

Oct 14 • 02:09:02

Ben Burgis talks to "Left Reckoning" hosts Matt Lech & David Griscom about cryptocurrency. Ben and his wife Professor Jennifer Burgis unpack Charlie Kirk's confusion about social contract theory and Rawls. Ben and Producer Jake talk about Charlie's "sexual anarchy" rant and Gene Epstein's argument against minimum wage increases.

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Season 3 Episode 6: Post-Kirk Debate Thoughts & Lillian Cicerchia on Marx's Theory of History

Oct 6 • 02:14:41

Ben Burgis is back from Arizona where he debated Charlie Kirk. Sadly the video won't be available for a few weeks but we'll be sharing some thoughts about it now. Ben and Producer Jake talk about that, as well as Sam Harris's conflict with Bret Weinstein. GTAA graphic designer J. Andrew World joins to talk about IATSE's strike vote. (Sign the petition! https://actionnetwor...

Season 3 Episode 4: Vivek Chibber vs. the Forces of Reaction

Sep 28 • 02:02:20

Ben and the crew watch Charlie Kirk and Jen Psaki say revolting things about Haitian migrants and talk about the Democrats rejecting a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants and claiming the Senate parliamentarian made them do it.  Cataylst editor Vivek Chibber (honestly one of the best and most valuable Marxist thinkers alive today) makes his debut appearance ...

Season 3 Episode 2 Preview - Joshua Blanchard on Bad Epistemic Company

Sep 20 • 15:17

Ben Burgis has Joshua Blanchard ( on the show, who is currently a visiting assistant professor of philosophy at Oakland University in Michigan. Ben and Josh discuss a paper that Josh recently wrote that addresses epistemic peer disagreement, and more specifically, being in bad company when it comes to those who agree with you about something.

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