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Girls Just Wanna Have Funds

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Girls just wanna have funds is a weekly podcast hosted by HMBradley’s VP of Finance Saira Rahman and co-hosted by her funniest partner in crime, Megan McShane. This dynamic duo deconstructs the intimidating world of finance. Saira will be helping Megan answer questions such as: How do I choose aRead more

Popular episodes

How Do GJW Feel About Life Stages? (S2EP08)

Nov 17 • 40:42

(Series 2: Girls Just Wanna Talk Life Stages) Rounding out our second series of Season 2, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on each of our heroines and the lessons our gals have taken away. Listen in as Saira and Megan unpack each life stage, share a few laughs, and discuss what they plan (or don't plan) to do moving forward....

How to Monetize your Mortality featuring Erin Bury (S2EP07)

Nov 10 • 32:28

(Series 2: GJW Talk Life Stages) It wouldn't be a series about life stages without us talking about death. So we did. This week Saira and Megan get real about the end of life and planning ahead for that moment. Although death is a morbid conversation, leaving your family without an end-of-life plan can make the situation very difficult. Erin Bury is the co-founder of Willf...

How to "Afford" a Baby featuring Halle Tecco (S2EP06)

Nov 3 • 44:07

(Series 2: GJW Talk Life Stages) This week we are opening up our hearts and minds to discuss the true "cost" of starting a family. Halle Tecco - of Natalist - joins our ladies to provide her own intimate fertility story as well as offer sound advice and tools to help anyone at any point of their own fertility journey. Grab your tissues folks, as this one truly hit a cord f...

How to Say Yes to the Dress featuring Leslie Voorhees Means (S2EP05)

Oct 27 • 46:50

(Series 2: GJW Talk Life Stages) Getting married doesn’t have to break the bank. Luckily with the help of Leslie Voorhees Means, Saira was able to build her cost-effective wedding around a one-of-a-kind custom-made gown from Anomalie. Listen in this week as Leslie gives our gals the insider scoop into the wedding industry, breaking down costs, and ending on a dress reveal...

How Do GJW Feel About Balance? (S2EP04)

Oct 20 • 47:56

(Series 1: GJW Find Balance) Rounding out our first series of Season 2, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on each of our heroines and the lessons we at GJWHF have taken away. Listen into Saira and Megan unpack their first three episodes, what they've learned, actions they've taken since, and what they plan to do moving forward....

How to have it all featuring Nina Mohanty (S2EP03)

Oct 13 • 39:12

(Series 1: GJW Find Balance) - Leaving a secure role to start your own company can be intimidating. But given how precious life can be, Nina Mohanty did not give it a second thought. Saira and Megan speak with Nina this week to unpack what it's like to truly have it all. Do you have an idea, but are nervous to take that last step? Listen in as Nina provides some insider sc...

How to Tackle Risk featuring Denise Shull (S2EP02)

Oct 6 • 41:22

(Series 1: GJW Find Balance) Risk can be defined as a situation involving exposure to danger. But luckily this week our gals chat with the one and only Denise Shull who busts the myth in less than 60 minutes. Do you have a career risk your currently experiencing? Listen in as Denise provides four steps on how to get through it and put your voice front and center without he...

How to Unlock Your Potential featuring Dr. Julie Gurner (S2EP01)

Sep 29 • 45:52

(Series 1: GJW Find Balance) As the summer turns to fall, it's the perfect time for a reset. We're kicking off Season 2, Series 1 "GJW find balance" with Dr. Julie Gurner. Listen in as Dr. G helps to guide our gals through reframing, rephrasing and most importantly confidence building. All of which are building blocks to help you unlock your potential and squash that impos...

How Do Your Personal Goals Change Your Financial Goals?

Jul 7 • 40:19

SEASON 1 FINALE: Setting personal goals is time-consuming and overwhelming. Lucky for us, Saira and Megan have helped us analyze our personal goals to set us up for financial success. As Season 1 of GJWHF wraps up, Saira and Megan get personal and discuss how they set their goals, changes they’ve had to make in order to make goals a reality and what the process is behind i...

So, What Do I Need to Know About Crypto? (EP.24)

Jun 30 • 36:09

Crypto is as hot as the Miami sun right now. Listen to our leading ladies debrief on their trip to Bitcoin 2021. What did they take away? How do they feel about cryptocurrency? What do you need to know about the Bitcoin game? Although they may have entered with a bit of skepticism, they left excited for the future of technology. Are you? ...

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