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Why do guys just want to f*ck you once then stalk your Instagram forever? Should you ditch the apps and meet people in the wild? How do you get over a breakup when you feel like you're gonna die? These are all topics discussed on Girls Gotta Eat -- a comedy podcast about dating, sex, andRead more

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Cheating: Explained and Reframed with Esther Perel

Jul 19 • 01:35:25

We are so honored to be joined by our most long-awaited guest, Esther Perel -- psychotherapist, author, and one of the most insightful experts on relationships, sexuality, and infidelity. We cover cheating in depth, including why it occurs, why it hurts so badly, how to trust again, and whether relationships can come back from infidelity. And we're also discussing the expe...

NUDES: Sending, Receiving, and Perfecting Them

Jul 12 • 01:33:34

This episode is FULL NUDES. We're giving all the tips on taking the best nudes (from lighting to poses to props), chatting about when to send them and things to consider, breaking down male nudes/dick pics and what we love and hate to receive, sharing our listeners' hilarious nudes-gone-wrong stories, and more. Plus we're chatting about Rayna's Instagram official announcem...

Breast Cancer, Decisions, and Dating with Jenny Jones

Jun 28 • 01:44:32

We have a long-awaited Girls Gotta Eat legend and friend, Jenny Jones, join us in the studio this week! Jenny is sharing the story of her recent breast cancer diagnosis -- the decisions she's had to make, what she's done so far and still has to go through, choosing doctors, how she is being supported, what NOT to say to someone with breast cancer, and more. We're also disc...

What Guys Think About During Sex (Part 2) feat. Comedian Jared Freid

Jun 24 • 01:31:34

Completing our two-part sex series is our loud and proud FOP (friend of the pod) Jared Freid! He provides some of the realest, most helpful, and hilarious commentary on the subject of the male mind in the bedroom and answers everything from "Is he looking at my butthole?" to "Does he care if I cum?" He also gives us some insight into gauging the interest/flirting with a ne...

What Guys Think About During Sex (Part 1) feat. Esquire Editor-in-Chief Michael Sebastian

Jun 20 • 01:20:53

In the first installment of our two-part series "What Guys Think About During Sex," we welcome Editor-in-Chief of Esquire Magazine, Michael Sebastian, to break it down for us. We're answering everything from "Are they critiquing my body?" to "What do they think about lingerie?" and also discussing tools for having more satisfying, exciting sex. Plus, we're sharing listener...

Boundaries with Friends and Manifesting Your Man feat. LadyGang

Jun 14 • 01:39:28

Major collab alert! We are so excited to be joined by Keltie Knight, Jac Vanek, and Becca Tobin of the LadyGang podcast for such an honest, fun, and wide-ranging conversation. We're chatting about the unique relationship of working with friends, boundaries and struggles with setting them, deciding to cope with or quit your job, ignoring haters, what to look for in a husban...

Therapy, Sex, Drugs, and Dogs with Chelsea Handler

Jun 7 • 01:28:06

We have a bucket list guest on this week's episode -- the inimitable Chelsea Handler! We're chatting with her about her therapy journey, what she's into/not into in the bedroom, not wanting children, learning to love your own company, transitioning from heavy drinker to cannabis enthusiast, rescue dogs, and more. She also shares some of the most hilarious airplane stories ...


May 31 • 01:12:10

We're vaxxed, waxed, and ready for summer 2021, baby! On this episode, we're hyping you up to get back out there and date with  mindset shifting for shooting your shot, tips for your app profiles, ways to gas yourself up before a date/night out, a breakdown of the happy hormones and how to hack them, and more. We're also chatting about having sex anxiety when it's been a w...

Booty Calls and Body Talk with Katie Sturino

May 24 • 01:34:17

She's baaaack! We're so happy to be joined again by one of our favorite guests (and people overall) Katie Sturino. We pick up where we left off with her booty call turned husband, and are chatting about a topic we're so glad came up  -- what you think you want in a future partner vs. what you actually want/need, and how to get there mentally. We're also chatting about body...

Feeling Myself (and No One Else) feat. Asexuality Activist Yasmin Benoit

May 17 • 01:24:59

We're joined by asexuality activist Yasmin Benoit and she's breaking down being asexual (as well as aromantic) and discussing/dispelling myths surrounding sex drive, masturbation, being in relationships, and more. We're also chatting about the spectrum of asexuality, how to talk about it with friends and family, dating, and lack of representation in the media. And we're sh...

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