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Gimme Pizza: A Mary-Kate & Ashley Podcast


The definitive podcast for all things Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen! Amity Hanson invites guests to reminisce, discuss, and over-analyze everyone's favorite twins! If it's up to me, You'll R-S-V-P! Support this podcast:

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Astrology, Numerology, Human Design (Woo Woo) with Meredith Howell

Oct 27 • 01:08:06

Wow! Gimme Pizza Podcast is BACK for a very special witchy woo woo episode, just in time for Halloween. Meredith Howell joins Amity to deep drive Mary-Kate & Ashley on a cosmic level. Get ready for some esoteric, astrological, numerological, and human design-ical talk! And of course, we could be absolutely full of shit - who knows! ...

A Blended Family with Dara Laine

Mar 24 • 01:51:51

This week Dara Laine (Les Deux You Remember This?) joins the podcast! What was initially intended to be a deep dive into Elizabeth Olsen, just became a series of fan theories and discussions into the whole Olsen Family. But don't worry, we talk about Lizzie too! And don't forget to check out Dara Laine's podcast, Les Deux You Remember This?, where she gets into the nitty-g...

Mary-Kate is FREE with Bailey Bushart

Jan 31 • 01:14:04

The Wackness with Arielle Tschinkel

Dec 3 • 01:21:36

This week Arielle Tschinkel joins Amity to talk about The Wackness. Mary-Kate graced the screen for two whole scenes, but don't worry- there is one hour and 50 minutes of movie here. Plus we get into the wild wild west of AOL chats. Get into it!...

Instagram Fandom with Kyle Hillier

Nov 18 • 01:19:25

This week Kyle Hillier joins the podcast to discuss his research on Mary-Kate & Ashley Instagram fandom. A very interesting episode for all of you social media nerds! Put on your thinking caps because we are about to get academic. ...

The 2004 Oprah Interview with Alyssa Sabo

Nov 5 • 01:18:59

This week Alyssa Sabo joins the podcast to dissect and analyze the 2004 Mary-Kate & Ashley Oprah Interview! We dive deep into this top tier cringe, talk about how MKA influenced her comedy, and how impossible it can be to relate to non-MKA fans. Follow Alyssa on Instagram and Twitter @alyssa_sabo...

Beastly with Troy McEady

Oct 20 • 01:16:06

Troy McEady (Dunzo!) returns to talk about the last film of Mary-Kate's acting career. Beastly! We watched it so you don't have to! (But you can if you want I guess?) Put on your greatest avant garde witchy costume, gladiator heels , and Charlotte Russe leggings, and listen to us recap this beast of a film! Happy Halloween!...

Danielle Keaton

Oct 7 • 01:00:42

This week Danielle Keaton (School Dance Party!) joins the podcast to talk about her time working with Mary-Kate & Ashley in School Dance Party, being a child actor in Hollywood, and more (be prepared to be amazed by her true claim to fame *cough* P-I-Z-Z-A!) ...

Eric Lutes

Oct 1 • 50:25

This week Eric Lutes (So Little Time! Switching Goals!) joins Amity to talk about his time working with Mary-Kate & Ashley, how he got his start in acting, what he's up to now, and so much more! ...

Rachel Roth

Sep 22 • 01:22:33

This week Rachel Roth (Winning London! So Little Time!) joins the Amity to talk about her time in acting, working with Mary-Kate & Ashley, and what she is up to now! You don't want to miss this episode!...

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