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Light some sage and pop your popcorn, drag comedian Roz Drezfalez is getting spooky! Though far from an expert on the paranormal, Roz explores her curiosity of things that go “bump” in the night with celebrity guests, psychics, and everyday people. Have you captured an EVP? Give a description ofRead more

Popular episodes

Mark Anthony The Psychic Lawyer

Nov 18 • 01:06:48

Roz meets the man known as The Psychic Lawyer Mark Anthony to talk about his scientific studies of psychic phenomena and his new book “The Afterlife Frequency”....

Listener Phone Call Extravaganza Part XXIV

Nov 11 • 01:17:15

Roz chats with listener Matteo from Belgium who lived in a house with phantom blood stains and loud sounds, Amanda worked in a haunted retail store in Savannah, James stayed in a haunted AirBnb, and Lisette encountered a sleep paralysis entity in the night!...

Allison Miller

Nov 4 • 56:54

From the ABC series “A Million Little Things”  Allison Miller joins Roz to share about a ghost she encountered while receiving acupuncture, weird happenings on the set of a horror film, and a vacation rental with some bad energy!...

Halloween Slumber Party With Roz!

Oct 28 • 01:10:10

For the first time ever Roz does a solo "slumber party" with listener voice notes, questions, EVPs, eBay "haunted" dolls, and STORIES! Best part is, you can WATCH this episode as well!...

Michelle Belanger is Back! Part 2

Oct 21 • 56:50

Roz concludes her chat with occult expert/psychic Michelle Belanger with topics including her psychic abilities, conjuring demons, views on dark entities in different world religions-these are just some of the goods they get into!...

Michelle Belanger Is Back! Part 1

Oct 14 • 01:05:13

Roz is joined this week by return guest, occult expert/author/psychic medium Michelle Belanger from the TV shows “Portals To Hell” and “Paranormal State”! Michelle shares about her haunted Airbnb, protecting yourself from dark forces, psychic vampirism, and much more!...

Listener Phone Call Extravaganza Part XXIII

Oct 7 • 01:14:28

On this listener episode Casey tells the epic tale of working at a haunted lingerie store, Bri currently has a job at a museum filled with friendly spirits, Audrey and her daughter Jolene lived in apartment with a grandma ghost that didn’t want to leave, and Sharissa saw a man walking with no bottom half!...

Matthew Scott Montgomery

Sep 30 • 01:10:55

From the new Peacock TV show “Unidentified with Demi Lovato” Matthew Scott Montgomery joins Roz for an otherworldly conversation about a UFO possibly following him to Palm Springs, ghost hunting with Demi Lovato on the Queen Mary, a ghost in a wild west brothel-there is a lot covered in this episode!...

Gunnar Deatherage Returns!

Sep 23 • 01:04:20

TikTok sensation/"Project Runway" alum/fashion designer to the stars Gunnar Deatherage is back and this time Roz talks to him about "psychic dreamwalking", his yearning for a message from his deceased grandmother, a Bloody Mary-adjacent story and more!...

Unsettling Toy Removal and Rehoming

Sep 16 • 01:03:35

This week is all about the dolls...the haunted kind of course! Roz talks to Brian and Sara of Unsettling Toy Removal and Rehoming, a Portland-based company that specializes in finding homes for toys that many would find creepy. Surprise, a large number of the toys come with ghostly playmates. Go to to get yours today!...

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