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Actress and Comedian Anjelah Johnson-Reyes has a dark side.  Entertainer by day, but at night she’s binge watching murder documentaries and stories about the paranormal.  Ghost Stories with Anjelah is a podcast dedicated to real life stories & encounters that are out-of-this-world.  Each episodeRead more

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19: Haunted Cemeteries, Castles & Basements

May 5 • 56:38
This week on #GhostStoriesWithAnjelah we are joined with a very special guest; comedian Frankie Quinones and two fan submissions.  Last week we had a crazy moment where a "disembodied voice" interrupted one of our stories... we'll be replaying that in a later episode...

Frankie Q:  My story is from when I lived in San Francisco with my cousin and a couple other homies. In a...

18: Wow! A disembodied voice on this episode!!!

Apr 21 • 01:15:52
#GhostStoriesWithAnjelahwith​ Special Guest "Exotic" and 2 Fan Submissions 

Exotic: There’s 2 entities that have been with me my entire life. Only a couple people have seen them with me over the years. I spoke with one lady who believes deeply in spirituality and energies and entities and she told me some deep shit that freaked me out myself. 

I’ve been woken up out of my sl...

17: Fortune Feimster's Mom Left her HOME ALONE with Ghosts!

Apr 7 • 01:18:09
#GhostStoriesWithAnjelah​ - Ep. 16

Special Guest Fortune Feimster and three fans join the podcast.

FORTUNE : So i've never seen a ghost. I just feel energy. My house growing up was very old. Built in the late 1800's. It always had a weird energy and I never felt settled there. Years later I was casually talking with my mom about that house and she said it was the most haunte...

16: Frankie J has Ghost Stories!

Mar 24 • 01:12:57
#GhostStoriesWithAnjelah​ - Ep. 16

Frankie J tells a story from his dad's childhood.  A fan talks about how her medium abilities solved a crime, a patient haunts a dailysis unit on an Indian Reservation and some ghosts haunts this poor woman's house... all this on an jam packed ghost stories.

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15: Ghosts from the Hollywood Improv

Mar 9 • 50:09
On this episode of #GhostStoriesWithAnjelah​ we finish our comedy club series with the world-famous Hollywood Improv.  Historic comedians who have since passed on have performed in this venue.  Do their spirits remain?  Is a paranormal experience for a manager a "Right of passage" into the comedy scene?   Listen to these stories from manager Reeta Piazza.  Do YOU have a gh...

14: Miami Improv has Ghosts!

Feb 23 • 45:58
This is our second of a three part series hearing from comedy club managers.  This week, it's Justin & Melissa from the Miami Improv.  They share first-hand encounters from a comedy club build on an Indian reservation.   

Old Miami Improv | Wheelchair Ramp: The Old Miami Improv was in a district known as Coconut Grove. We had a regular that would come every Tuesday show wit...

13: The HAUNTED San Jose Improv

Feb 9 • 35:02
The San Jose Improv is located in a historical building called The Jose Theatre. It was built in 1904, and in the early days, vaudeville was performed here. A story has been passed down via oral tradition that around 1910, there was a fire in the performer’s dressing rooms underneath the stage, and several actors and actresses perished. The entire staff, even the ones who ...

1: What is Ghost Stories with Anjelah?

Feb 2 • 00:38
Anjelah Johnson is a big fan of paranormal stuff, as long as its not happening to her.  At the beginning of quarantine she had the idea to go live on Instagram and interview people who had actual ghost stories to share.  Well that grew and grew to the point to where now we have a whole podcast.  So if you love the paranormal, ghost stories or anything like that, then you'r...

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